No Sea Level Rise In La Jolla, California Since 1871

Experts tell us that sea level will rise a foot in California over the next twenty years, despite the fact that sea level hasn’t changed for 140 years. The animation below transitions from La Jolla, 1871 – to a recent high tide photo.


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3 Responses to No Sea Level Rise In La Jolla, California Since 1871

  1. Jean-Paul says:

    Incredible, Steven! Trees are living now on the coast of La Jolla, where in 1871 there was only bare rock in. We are all doomed!

  2. scizzorbill says:

    La Jolla Cove, One of my fave places in my home town. There may be tectonic plate action in play here as the Pacific plate crunches under and along the North American plate at the San Andreas fault. The land is rising slowly as evidenced by the hills, and the Coast Range to the East plus wave cut terraces at the shore line. Don’t know if the land is rising with the sea so it appears that there is no sea rise. Maybe.

    • Pork from ork says:

      Maybe…….maybe my dog ate my homework….maybe it will really rain real cats and dogs…..maybe you will eventually move out of your parents basement.

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