1980 June-July Heatwave : Kansas City Over 100F 13 Out Of 15 days

Governor Bill Clinton declared an emergency as Arkansas highways melted.

Experts tell us that there never was a bad heatwave in late June before.

The Miami News – Google News Archive Search


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2 Responses to 1980 June-July Heatwave : Kansas City Over 100F 13 Out Of 15 days

  1. grayman says:

    Aah yes 1980, i remember well, the month of june i was 18 just out of High school and in a combine and harvesting wheat. The combine A/C was nonexciestent, the cab windows open and no breeze. Harvesting crops you do not go more than 5 mph so movement did not help much. the thermometer for that week and half showed us over 110 the whole time At this point you have a sheen of sweat on you it is no longer beads. BTW, that was early June outside Austin TX. Yes i remember well because on July 1st i was on my way to boot camp for the Marines

    • I was travelling through Dallas that summer and got stuck on the tarmack for about two hours in the middle of the afternoon with the AC off. Temperatures inside the plane were close to 110 degrees.

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