Phil Jones Shows No Trend In Colorado Temperatures Since 1850

CRU data shows that Colorado temperatures have not changed at all since 1850 (0.00 degrees/year)  April 1870 was the most anomalously warm month at 6.3C above normal.

Fire experts have been blaming the fires this year on rising temperatures in Colorado, because they are looking at tampered data from NOAA and GISS, like the graph below.

COLORADO Climate Summary

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10 Responses to Phil Jones Shows No Trend In Colorado Temperatures Since 1850

  1. jaymam says:

    This shows how misleading and useless annual averages are. I presume the other graph is monthly averages. I reckon the less averaging, the better.
    Try plotting graphs with seasonal averages with lines, like this:
    (Auckland weather stations have shifted around a few times and are therefore unreliable)

  2. Lazarus says:

    Temperature isn’t the main factor in wild fires, it’s drought. Temperature isn’t even the main factor in drought, it lack of water.

  3. I have been happy to note that in the streaming coverage on including the official daily briefings , not one word has been said connecting the Colorado fires to GW . It is just pointed out that this is a very hot dry year comparable to 2002 , the year of the Hayman fire .

  4. Michael D Smith says:

    Even using their data, the slope is half what they claim if you take out the 58 year cycle, as shown below:

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