Recreational Opportunities In Alice Springs

Alice Springs offers cricket, football, baseball, swimming, golf … and GISSnastics.

Based on the number of venues, it appears that cricket and GISSnastics are the most popular sports.


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6 Responses to Recreational Opportunities In Alice Springs

  1. johnmcguire says:

    The leadership at GISS is lawless and destitute of good morals.

  2. chris y says:



  3. SMS says:

    They used to keep the temperature gauge at the old telegraph office outside of town. It’s now an historic site and they still have the old Stevenson Screen sitting empty. They moved the gauge to the airport. Even though the airport is well out of town, I bet it experiences a lot more UHI than the old telegraph office.

  4. Ben says:

    No matter where the thermometers are moved, they spend a lot of time in the GISSnauseum.

  5. Edward Martin says:

    When showing such charts to warmists it would be v. helpful if the source was indicated —as you do on some records. Thnks

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