Using Young People As Cannon Fodder

Senior citizens like myself have experienced climate for a long time, and know that it is constantly changing and that bad weather has happened since the dawn of time. That is why the old men behind the climate scam are targeting young people – who can easily be led to believe that the weather never used to be hot or cold or wet or dry.

It is a long standing tradition for evil men to send children into battle as cannon fodder for their money making schemes. Children are susceptible to suggestions of goodness and morality – no matter how misguided they are. History repeats itself.

Scumbags are at the helm of the climate scam, lying to children about sea level, hurricanes, droughts, floods, tornadoes, heatwaves, ……


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17 Responses to Using Young People As Cannon Fodder

  1. tckev says:

    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)
    So keep up the good work Steven.

  2. Billy Liar says:

    Try reading some of the comments on this story:

    many people are too poorly educated ever to break free of their programming.

    • Lou says:

      Thanks a lot. I feel a lot dumber after reading them.

    • gofer says:

      Here’s a comment that just about sums up most all of them: Name removed to protect the guilty: This supposedly coming from an educated person, in the field. I’d like to know what in means in the last sentence by “what we once had.” Everytime cold weather is mentioned, we are reminded of that’s “weather, not climate.”, yet this individual is saying the present “weather” was predicted 40 years ago (’72?)……no evidence to support this, of course. I’m convinced they don’t want to know the facts. It’s just way to obvious, they are going to great lengths to ignore them. Facts can destroy an individual whose life has been built on falsehoods.

      This is the face of tyranny…………..

      ” ********* in colorado
      I am a Colorado Native, with a college education in Earth Sciences and Environmental Studies. The big picture is that this is an in your face result of Global Climate Change that was predicted 40 years ago, and has been progressing through the entire period with extensive documentation.

      If anyone needs to be held accountable, it should be propagators of skepticism, denial and the verifiable dissemination of misinformation, lies and the intentional generation of reasonable doubt!

      There needs to be a new legal precedence set similar to libelous slander that allows for the prosecution of any person, to include corporations that contribute to the creation of false information, lies, distractions, obstruction and the delay of critical actions needed to save this Planet. The mass media should be considered an accessories and lose their broadcasting licences as a penalty. Opinions should no longer be able to trump science, facts, evidence, eye witnesses or the truth.

      The billions in subsidies now given to the fossil fuels industries, which are the most profitable and destructive forces in the world, need to loose those every penny of those funds. Our tax dollars that have been hijacked for many decades now need to be used for renewable energy, R & D and the establishment of a loose/prevention fund to help cover the expense of the disasters we will be dealing with for a very long time to come.

      2012 can mark a turning point, it can be the end of the world or a new beginning. We still can take control of our future and remove those in power that have contributed to the situation we now must deal with, or we can continue to watch what we once had slip away right before our eyes.”
      Hoka Hey!

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    “Senior citizens like myself…” That’s been debunked.
    You’re not there yet!
    Anyway, yes, it’s detestable, the way they target young people with their baseless never ending scare-mongering; and even worse, criminal, when they use young people as props in their prop-aganda.

  4. sean2829 says:

    The young are not props, they are patsies. Think what’s being done to the young. They graduate from college with so much debt that they have to wait 5-10 years for marriage and buying their first home. They are starting their careers in a poor economy with low wages that may take a decade to recover from. Obamacare will insure that they pay a high rate for healthcare so the wealthy and established elders can pay less. Those elders may have a pension, the young have a 401K that’s not earning much income. When they settle down, they pay the full rate on their property taxes while the elders are grandfathered in to a 25 year old rate. Their kids will go to school in old buildings with large classes and older less energetic teachers because so much of the budget has been diverted to retirement. If the green agenda gets implemented, most of the young adults will pay higher energy costs for all of their adult lives that they will pay with lower wages. I never argue with a young person on these issues, I caution them to be careful what they wish for because on too many policies, they get the short end of the stick.

  5. kim2ooo says:

    Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
    The Shames of Climate Scams

  6. Andrew Troup says:

    Doesn’t matter much what fuel we use, as long as we use it at the same rate that it accumulates.

  7. Andrew Troup says:

    Pull up a floor & hearken, then.

    It’s simple. Fossil fuels have taken millions of years to accumulate to present levels: it is accordingly necessary to spread their extraction over millions of years. That way they don’t run out.

    Same with trees. One tree grows: chop another one down.

    Should be pretty easy to understand. Don’t know where whining comes into it. Perhaps you have the same attitude to your spouse, about household income vs expenditure: “quit ya whinin’, willya”

    Unfortunately there’s no safety net for indigent species, the way some countries provide for indigent humans: low-earning, high spenders.

  8. Andrew Troup says:

    BTW, “Me”, it’s encouraging that you haven’t actually taken issue with anything I wrote in my first post. I’m not sure why you meandered over into fossil fuels, but I’ve got used to it on this website: it seems there are two responses: ad hominem insults, or topic changes.

  9. Andrew Troup says:

    While we’re talking about your post rather than mine: other fuels which accumulate at the same rate you use them include direct solar energy (rather than fossil fuel which is effectively stored solar energy), hydro (in the absence of storage dams), tidal, wave, and wind.

    The last four, of course, are indirectly driven by the sun, like all forms of energy available to us with the exception of nuclear (which may be more familiar to you as ‘nucular’)

    Frankly I’d have thought you’d know all this, but your ‘biofuel’ post suggests you don’t.

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