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Google News : Greenland Ice Gone!

It all melted this week.

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Why Anthony’s Paper Is Important

It would be difficult to prove that government temperature data tampering is fraud, because they have covered their tracks with pseudo-science papers and algorithms – which provide the perpetrators a little plausible deniability. What Anthony has done is to show empirically that their algorithms … Continue reading

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Paying The High Price For A Defective Belief System

Last year our friends on the left promised to bury Arizona for doing the right thing. Meanwhile California promised to bury business for creating CO2. Business is paying attention. Is Phoenix the Next Silicon Valley? Posted by Soulskill on Tuesday July 31, @04:37PM from … Continue reading

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News Of The World ….

message begin ——-gleick offers to make layered pdf file proving that muller really was a skeptic —— end message

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Forty Days And Forty Nights

Shock news – heavy rainfall events have nothing to do with CO2! Billions in research grants gone to waste!  an atmospheric river in 1861-62 brought California 45 straight days of rain and caused flooding of Biblical proportions, evocative of Noah and … Continue reading

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Seeing Babies

After my first child was born, I started seeing babies everywhere. Prior to then, I never really noticed that babies existed. Two possible interpretations arose Huge numbers of babies were born at the same time, after a long period of low … Continue reading

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The Obama Strategy

A couple of months ago, Obama came up with a brilliant strategy. Let’s portray Romney as a successful businessman who knows how to make difficult decisions, and portray myself as a nasty little Trotsky wannabee who never meant anything he said during the last election. And … Continue reading

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