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1898 : Entire State Forest In New Zealand On Fire

08 Feb 1898 – NEW ZEALAND. A STATE FOREST ON FIRE. Wellington,…

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We Are The Champions

According to this map featured on Drudge, Fort Collins has the hottest heat index in the west – besides a few spots in Arizona and California. It also says that we feel hotter than DC. usheat.gif (640×480) It doesn’t feel … Continue reading

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Julia Talking Green Jobs

Embarking on a two-week blitz to sell the tax, the Prime Minister declares in The Australian today that the carbon price will drive a transformation in the nation’s economy and create tens of thousands of new green jobs over the … Continue reading

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Misinterpreting The Arctic

Several people are concerned that the ice in the Beaufort Sea appears to be “low concentration” See the green rectangle below arctic.seaice.color.000.png (900×900) Satellite imagery shows what is really going on. The Beaufort Sea is full of large chunks of thick multi-year … Continue reading

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North Africa : Ground Zero For Global Warming

According to Phil Jones, Algiers has warmed at a shocking rate of 0.00 degrees per year since 1850.

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The 1993 Texas Fire

In 1993, the US government burned up 75 people in Waco, Texas which began Eric Holder`s career of assisting in the death of Texans. 32. Nicole Gent Little, 24, Australian, pregnant 33. Dayland Gent, 3, American 34. Page Gent, 1, … Continue reading

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Ahren Stroming Article Proves That Stupidity Can No Longer Be Ignored

Colorado Springs Wildfire Proves Climate Change Can No Longer Be Ignored After over a week of burning, approximately 17,000 acres of timber in and around the Pike National Forest has been destroyed, along with almost 350 homes. At least two … Continue reading

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