Shock News : Polar Bear Dies

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Terrance – you are a flaming idiot. All living things die, and the Arctic is covered with ice. – Arctic Terra – (2012/181)

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22 Responses to Shock News : Polar Bear Dies

  1. Blade says:

    Terrance H. Booth, Sr. is a retard. “dead polar bear completely out of its environment completely devoid of ice“.

    How do they survive without ice in … New York City …

    • gofer says:

      There’s a Polar Bear in Phoenix. I think they sent him/her there to recover from some type of skin ailment because the climate conditions were favorable to curing the ailment. Maybe they have him in a hockey rink?! We have the most educated/ignorant people in history.

    • Marian says:


      And the Auckland Zoo here in NZ used to have polar bears aswell.

  2. Blade says:

    How do they survive without ice in … San Diego …

  3. Blade says:

    How do they survive without ice in … Chicago …

  4. Blade says:

    How do they survive without ice in … Kansas City …

  5. Blade says:

    How do they survive without ice in … Germany …

    • gofer says:

      Did anyone see the You-Tube video of the Polar Bear in a glass-enclosed pool, much like the one shown in Kansas? He picked up a big rock and flung it at the glass and cracked it!

    • rw says:

      Apparently in Berlin they survive by preying on foolish tourists.

  6. kirkmyers says:

    Polar bear numbers are increasing. Of the 19 different bear populations, almost all are increasing; only two have, for local reasons, declined slightly.

    In fact, polar bears have become a nusiance in some Inuit towns. I interviewed several local officials in Iqaluit in Nunavut, and they laughed at the scare stories about the alleged decline in the polar bear population. One of the officials said the bears are so numerous in some areas that locals don’t have to leave town during their polar bear hunts.

  7. ralphcramdo says:

    “Dead Polar Bear Photo credit”
    Did anyone notice the photo credit? That says the story was written around a picture the author didn’t take, in a place the author wasn’t at.

  8. John B., M.D. says:

    Amazing how the author knew the cause of death, not being a veterinarian nor performed a necropsy. He’s FOS (full of sh**).

  9. ralphcramdo says:

    We have Polar Bears in Florida

    “Explore a frozen wonderland of ice and Arctic animals. Meet our extraordinary beluga whales, colossal walruses and powerful polar bears.”

  10. mkelly says:

    It was reported that due to the floods in Deluth, MN a polar bear got out of the zoo. It has not been reported that he was caught. So we have at least one polar bear in the great lakes.

  11. dmmcmah says:

    I notice the polar bear made it to shore.

  12. rw says:

    How do you say FOS in Inuit?

  13. Cynthia says:

    Has anyone noticed the San Diego Zoo polar bear? His feet are green and his coat looks dirty. I feel bad for him.

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