Air Conditioning And The FUBAR Religion

Conversation 1 : Last week they told us that air conditioning is a luxury we can´t afford, because it produces CO2. Then the heatwave hit, and they blamed it on CO2 and told us that heatwaves like this didn´t used to happen before we put all this CO2 in the air.

Conversation 2 : During the 1930s, heatwaves killed tens of thousands of people. The standard alarmist answer is.  Of course. They didn´t used to have air conditioning.

This is what decades of smoking weed does to a person´s mind. It makes them stupider than horse manure.

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5 Responses to Air Conditioning And The FUBAR Religion

  1. jimash1 says:

    When I first heard about this “Global warming” I remember being on vacation and being suddenly
    worried about the waste heat from all the air conditioners in Maryland.
    Then I found out it was all about Co2 and nobody actually gave a fig about waste heat.
    I think that’s when I first got suspicious.

  2. DC Andy says:

    People in the DC area are abusing the power line workers, who I am sure are doing their absolute best to restore power. Same with local politicians, saying their work is “unacceptable”. These people instead should be bringing water and tips for all their thankless work in the miserable heat. You never saw such a bunch of spoiled prima donnas as what is around here in your life. Someone should tell them that there used to be a time before air conditioning where people put ice in towels to stay cool. You are right, the same people who want so badly to save the planet are the first ones to complain when the AC goes out.

  3. Dave N says:

    Here’s a conversation:

    “Turn off your aircon.. You’re killing the planet!”

    “You go first”

  4. Eric Webb says:

    That last line was absolute gold, ” This is what decades of smoking weed does to a person’s mind. it makes them stupider than horse manure.” hahaha, and the mainstream media are the flies that feed of their crap.

  5. NoMoreGore says:

    I think the Horse Manure will be insulted by the comparison. Bloomberg ruled that no-one can idle more than 3 minutes in NYC, then got Giant AC units he rolls out to his rig while it sits awaiting his sorry arse to return. Do as I say, not as I do.

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