Charles Darwin On the Importance Of Climate Change And Extreme Drought

Natural Selection depends on extreme weather.

From The Origin Of Species page 83

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3 Responses to Charles Darwin On the Importance Of Climate Change And Extreme Drought

  1. Eric Webb says:

    Perfectly shows that severe climatic changes have been occurring for a long time before CAGW was ever considered, and the fact that Darwin points out an example of abnormal cold nearly killing off a species of animal shows how much more a dangerous a drastic change to a colder climate is than a warm one.

  2. This scale of population variation is quite normal throughout the species range and is entirely within the normal range of climate variation. In Australia, Sharp, recorded a drop of the same proportions in Glider populations within a 3 month interval due to a failure of a particular tree species to flower during what was essentially a 1 in 7 year event in a 1000mm plus rainfall zone. It wasn’t a serious drought by any measure, just a 3 month interval without rain in a fairly average year. The same scale of decline, and subsequent recovery is found in every species that is capable of producing twins, (let alone triplets or more) or those who can produce two litters in one year.

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