International Business Times Goes Full Stupid

I’m going to show you just how stupid. They are convinced that the heatwave in the US is proof of global warming.

Look how hot Nebraska and Kansas are in their map below!

As US Fries In Heat Wave, Half A World Away, Eggheads Wonder If Global Warming Is Real – International Business Times

June of 1933 also had a heatwave, and Hartington, Nebraska was very hot. In fact it was so hot, that high temperatures during June 1933 averaged 9.2 degrees warmer than June 2012.

U.S. Historical Climatology Network

June 1933 had six days over 100F, compared to zero days in 2012. June 10, 1933 was 106F.  June 1933 had twenty-five days over 90F, compared to five days in 2012.

There are lots of idiots out there who know nothing about past weather, yet are ready to declare that a few hot days prove global warming.

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21 Responses to International Business Times Goes Full Stupid

  1. Robertvdl says:

    Current Global Weather Patterns Normal Despite Government and Media Distortions

    The dome of cold air over polar regions is expanding as the world has cooled since 1998. Rossby Waves in the Circumpolar Vortex that circles from west to east in the middle latitudes switched from Zonal to Meridional flow creating different weather patterns in the middle and high latitudes. Rossby Waves migrate from west to east on a 4 to 6 week basis. However, when the Meridional Wave amplitude gets deep, with cold air pushing toward the Equator and warm air toward the Poles the system blocks. Now the weather pattern migration becomes 8 to 10 weeks and people become nervous. That is what is happening in North America now, but all we hear about is the warm weather across the eastern half of the continent, with little mention of the cold and wet conditions in the west.

  2. Ivan says:

    Drought in the States.
    NEW YORK. June 28.
    Over 10,000,000 bushels of wheat have been destroyed by heat and drought in Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota and Minnesota. It is the worst spring drought in history. Reports state, unless relief comes soon, the crop in the States mentioned will not be worth harvesting.”
    ~30 June 1933

  3. Mike says:

    Climate science is going backwards. In the 1930’s, scientists, even journalists, acknowledged heat waves and droughts as natural events.

    Role on 80 years and the same extremes in natural variability are being denied by climate scientists. Had natural variability deniers like Mann and Hansen been around in the 1930’s everybody would have been forced to destroy their homes and live in the wild. Horse drawn carriages would have been seized, horses shot on sight and a starvation tax to fund global warming research would have been inflicted on the masses. The wheat fields would have been returned to gaia and routes like the transcontinental national old trails road would have benn shut down to “save the world” from an impending 1940’s global warming catastrophe.

    It would also have been easier for the likes of Hansen back then to hide the heat wave of 1896, one of the worst natural disasters in American history, where in New York almost 1,500 people died in ten extremely hot days, as the internet didn’t exist then and people didn’t live as long.

    Old Chinese proverb “When the sun shines strong, the rain doctor makes most.”

  4. kirkmyers says:

    A heat wave during the summer? Astonishing. The end is near!

    These same Chicken Littles are strangely silent when we experience record-low temperatures, which occurred earlier last week in many places across the country. When the cold and blizzards hit this winter, the AGW doomsayers will be screaming “weather isn’t climate.”

    I’m afraid we’re going to have to endure this global warming nonsense for a few more years. A Dalton or Maunder Minimum will finally put an end to it. Unfortunately, many people will die from the cold, starved of life-giving fossil fuels. The scientists and bureaucrats pushing the CO2-causes-warming narrative are dangerous.

  5. Hot or cold weather in one region and in one season does not prove anything about global climate trends.

  6. James Power says:

    Actually, people tend to believe global warming because of the science behind it, nit “really hot days”. Only uneducated Americans deny it what science has proven. “Conservatives” in countries that are NOT the United States aren’t so blinded by the interests of big business to deny science because to acknowledge it would cut into company profits. Typically, it’s when their are snowstorms that rightwingers will exclaim, “See?! Global Warming’s a hoax!”. It’s very likely that we’re heading into an extremely hot summer, but evem if it was mild it wouldn’t disprove science of Gloabal Warming or Climate Change.

    So, whether it’s called “Climate Change” or “Global Warming”, the jury is in – It’s real. And it’s also a sad indictment on the United States that we’ve become the laughingstock when it comes to denying science SOLELY due to corporate interests that tell the uneducated that “it’s not proven”

    • I provide massive amounts of data and historical records on this site. If you want to prove that you are right, then prove me wrong. Appeals to authority are for the weak minded.

      Show me that June 1933 was not nine degrees warmer in Nebraska.

  7. David says:

    Oh, we are supposed to believe that thousands of scientists with PhD’s, scientists who have devoted their career to studying the climate are all “idiots” as you say. The truth is that you are the “idiots.” But I will give it to you, that you do have an endless supply of hot air. But it has nothing to do with science.

    • There are probably less than 300 people in the world who would be considered climatologists, and only a few dozen climate modelers. Your thousands of scientists with PhD’s is a number derived from ignorance. You have no idea what you are talking about.

      Now prove to me that June 2012 is warmer than 1933.

      • David says:

        My “thousands of scientists” is derived from my knowledge of the scientists who have worked on the IPCC, at NOAA, NCAR, NASA, and countless universities in the U.S. and research centers abroad. Your claim that there are only a few “climatologists” is a lame ploy often used by idiots. There are countless scientists with degrees that qualify them as climate scientists. The truth is that climate change is happening so fast that few universities have established degrees in “climatology.”
        I am not foolish enough to try to prove anything to someone like you. It is impossible to prove anything to an idiot. You are only interested in misleading common people by spewing emotional propaganda and pseudo science.

        • In other words, you have no idea what you are talking about and are just talking trash.

          Check out the July heatwave of 1936

          The Age – Google News Archive Search

          July 1936 was the hottest month in US history, with CO2 at 310 ppm. Explain how that happened.

        • David says:

          Well I will admit that I am wrong about one thing: it was an exercise in futility to have a discussion with someone like you. So go ahead and spread your misinformation and try to mislead people into doing nothing about global warming. And when the effects of global warming continue to get worse and worse and people really start to suffer, you can deal with the truth that you misled people and discouraged good people from doing anything, although, I believe it is unlikely that you will ever realize what you are doing. In the mean time, maybe a fossil fuel company will throw thirty pieces of silver your way.

        • I have almost 10,000 posts on this blog. Please feel free to tear them apart with details about what I have presented incorrectly. There must be mountains of fodder for you.

          Your appeals to authority are pathetic.

  8. suyts says:

    Lol, yeh! Because all of the people at the IPCC are climatologists! Just like at NOAA, NCAR, and NASA! David, you do realize that just because a person has a science profession and believes in the lunatic catastrophic theory doesn’t mean they’re climatologists. The fact is, most scientists engaged in the climate discussion are not climatologists, that wasn’t even a degree to get when I was going to college.

  9. David says:

    A word to the wise is sufficient, but a thousand words to a fool is to no avail. I will not waste more words on you.

    • Brilliant, you haven’t challenged a single data point, and then you run away. Don’t let the door smack you on the ass on the way out.

    • Shooter says:

      “Global Warming – it’s real” – and…yet you mention no benefits. You never actually proved any of your points, and never mentioned ONE “climate scientist”.

      AGW is bullshit. It seems that you are the one denying simple science, not those “uneducated” masses you keep talking about.

  10. Eric Webb says:

    David, what effects of GW, cause I sure don’t see any, maybe you should consider the fact that the UHI effect has played a large role in boosting temperatures, making them seem hotter, maybe you should also consider that we are in a period of time in which we have better detection methods than we did before the advent of satellites. You should also consider the increasing global population, and the government’s role in agencies like NOAA (especially GISS with James Hansen) and the IPCC in hiding and manipulating data to fit their agendas, which are mainly to further control people’s daily lives in a more socialistic system more characteristic of Europe, and to shut down the US economy by shutting down the nation’s energy consumption. When you shut down a nation’s energy you essentially shut down the economy as well. The alternatives that were proposed to try and replace coal and oil have been nothing but a waste of taxpayer money and government funding that only produced inefficient and unreliable energies, that have only destroyed american jobs and increased demand for power, and in Europe, where this has actually happened, rolling blackouts have been the result.

  11. Eric Webb says:

    Then your side of the argument wishes not to debate because, “the debate is over”. When does that make any sense when in science the only things that shouldn’t be refuted are scientific laws which have been proven beyond doubt and with insurmountable data. Sorry to break it to you, but AGW doesn’t fit this qualification, in fact it shouldn’t even be considered a theory, because it isn’t well accepted as a whole in the scientific community and is hotly debated, so it is merely a scientific hypothesis, which in turn should be debated freely, and is merely a proposal which should be tested, and currently requires further evaluation, not politics, misinterpreted climate models, and green lobbies.

  12. derfel cadarn says:

    To David all that is required is that the “big brains” of AGW/Climate change is provide their data for peer review. Why is this so difficult? Perhaps because there is no data or that the data even cooked does not hold up to scientific scrutiny. Until you can argue using facts stop wasting our time.

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