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Joe Bastardi Puts Recent Extreme Weather In Perspective

Guest Post By Joe Bastardi No question this a field day for the heat,  and part of the reason is a) its darn hot and b)  there was a wild weather event that occurred with the Derecho.   But  for the … Continue reading

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LA Times : It’s Not About Telling The Truth Any More

LA Times parroting the big lie without doing any fact checking. Global warming in our backyard The reality of climate change is hitting home. It’s time to plan for hotter days and rising sea levels. It’s not just about the polar … Continue reading

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LA Times Piles On The BS

Long, hot summer: Wildfires thrive on drought, heat and wind Hundreds of homes have burned in Colorado and other Western states, and it could be just the start. By Bettina Boxall, Los Angeles Times July 2, 2012, 5:00 a.m. After … Continue reading

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June 1933 : Hottest June In US History – And The Worst Spring Drought

30 Jun 1933 – THE WHEAT OUTLOOK. Drought in the States. NEW YO… h/t to Ivan

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International Business Times Goes Full Stupid

I’m going to show you just how stupid. They are convinced that the heatwave in the US is proof of global warming. Look how hot Nebraska and Kansas are in their map below! As US Fries In Heat Wave, Half … Continue reading

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The Yin And Yang Of Hot Weather

Nature is forced to abide by this weird principle – what goes up, must come down. When air rises, it cools and sometimes condenses moisture. This happens in regions of low pressure. Eventually the dried out air has to come back … Continue reading

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