Fool America Once …..

During the 2008 campaign, Obama and his friends in the press kept insisting that he wasn’t a socialist.

As soon as he took office, Newsweek ran this cover.

America has a second chance to pass the IQ test. Will she fare better the second time around?

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15 Responses to Fool America Once …..

  1. Robertvdl says:

    Like in all the western world you have a dumbed down population that depends on government money

    The Free Lunch Myth

  2. Jason Calley says:

    The problem is not that we can’t dump Obama. We can — yes, we can! The problem is that the only way to dump him is to elect a Republican. Kicking out the Democrat and putting in a Republican has been tried repeatedly over the last half a century and has never worked. I know — I have helped in the effort! For example, we recently had six years where the Republicans controlled both Houses and the Executive Branch. Does anyone remember a massive repeal of anti-Second Amendment laws? Or a dismantling of the EPA (a Republican invention, by the way)? Or a dismantling of the Department of Education and return of authority to the states? No? Why not?

    We can get rid of the Bloods, but only by electing the Crips. I agree, the Crips make much better speeches. They SAY all the things I want to hear, but once in office they do the same things that the Bloods do. So here we are in 2012 and what are our choices? Another term for the guy who pushed through (the obviously illegal no matter what the SCOTUS says) Obamacare? Or should we put in the only Republican who has already embraced the same governmental nanny philosophy when he was governor and created state Romneycare?

    Fool America once? We have been fooled every election by both parties since Nixon battled Humphrey.

    • slp says:

      That is why we must focus more on electing freedom-minded members of congress.

      • Jason Calley says:

        I sincerely hope that you are correct, but I do not see much evidence of it.

        A large part of the problem is that once a politician is in office, We The People do not have access to a method to quickly remove them if we find they have misrepresented themselves as freedom-minded during the campaign. Yes, we can wait two years, or four years or six years, or (in the case of judges) until they die — but that does not seem to be working. “Doctor, you tell me I have cancer?!” “Yes, and we’ll be operating in another five years.”

        At present (with the exception of a few states with special laws) the only way to remove a Federal level politician before the end of his term is if his fellow politicians remove him. This is like “Jimmy is a gang member who has murdered three people. Let’s have his fellow gang members vote on his punishment.”

        I do not know what the solution is. I am only pointing out that what we have been doing for the last half century is not working. Every year our government gets more expensive, more intrusive and more invasive of our liberty. Every year. Until we admit that what we are doing is not working, we will not start thinking of alternate solutions.

    • gofer says:

      If it’s certain Medicine A is not working and you’re going to die, then it would be wise to change to Medicine B, you still may die, but there are indications you could get better.

      I don’t have any doubt that Romney loves his country. On the other hand, it seems almost certain, the present leader doesn’t have the same feelings. We have seen the “apology tours” and there is sufficient evidence that he thinks the country has been oppressive and became prosperous by oppression and treating people unfairly. Why else does the country needs to be “fundamentally changed?”

      I ran across an article in the 1947 Pittsburgh Gazette. The subject was union elections and it talked about the communist take-over of certain unions and they were referred to as “progressives.”

    • dmmcmah says:

      Good point. Bush Jr. Was a big government spender and favored many social programs as well. Sure Obama is much worse but when you get down to it Obama is just Bush supersized. Same general approach to governing really, aside from Bush Jr.’s tax cuts. I would opt for Romney however, at least he will lower the tax rates instead of raising them. All of Obama’s planned tax increases will be a disaster with the economy in the shape it is.

  3. John Silver says:

    No, you are all a bunch of …………

  4. DC Andy says:

    Most of the difference between the two parties is rhetorical and focused on relatively minor issues, like gay marriage. Basically, it is the same establishment running both parties and when the chips are down, both parties will spend like drunken sailors to keep the ship afloat.

  5. Jason Calley says:

    Hey Gofer, you say, “If it’s certain Medicine A is not working and you’re going to die, then it would be wise to change to Medicine B, you still may die, but there are indications you could get better.”

    I understand your point. Heck, I am still a registered Republican. But let’s consider your medicine analogy above, medicine A vs medicine B. I have tried medicine B over and over. In fact of the administrations since Johnson, there have been 13 executive terms of 4 years each. During those terms, Democrats have been in the White House for 6 of those terms (including the Obama term. Republicans have been in the White House for 7 terms. Below is a link to a chart of the national debt. Can you look at it and even tell the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

    Yes, I know that the Dems are socialists (at best — crypto-communists is closer). Everyone knows that, even the people who vote for them. I can’t change anyone who still thinks the Dems are going to give us good government. They don’t want good government, not if we judge by such quaint principles as justice, equality and personal liberty. On the other hand, at least most Republicans support the ideas of justice, quality and personal liberty; that’s why they keep voting for people who promise such things. My point is just that while the Republicans candidates give better speeches, they do NOT follow what they say once they are in office. We vote them in time after time and things just keep on the same. They talk about how the Dems have created this program or passed that law, but the Republicans, once in office never undo the bad things the Dems do.

    What we have been doing for fifty years is not working. Medicine A will kill you, but we have tried medicine B and it does not help either. Maybe we should try fasting and witchdoctors, I don’t know, but what we have been doing is not working.

  6. slimething says:

    @Jason Calley,
    Believe me, I understand and share your sentiments, however, why not do to the Republican Party what the far left did to the Democrat Party…….take it over, except move in the opposite direction. Kick out the Progressives and mealy mouth self serving POS and replace with Constitutionalists. It sounds impossible, but is our only and last hope.

    I didn’t support Ron Paul for president, but can anyone seriously believe if Congress had 535 ‘Ron Pauls’ that government would be as bloated and out of control as it is today?

    I too am sick of the same old song and dance, and swore NEVER AGAIN after Bush 2000, but alas, voted for Bush 2004 and McCain in 2008 after threatening to vote for the Conservative Party. I didn’t think Obamacare would pass. I thought there would be at least one good Democrat in the Senate left, but was wrong. Once it did, I went into action and am now more involved in political matters than ever in my life. I actually go to ‘meet the candidate’ meetings and we demand to ask the hard questions and don’t allow them to give the SOP politician sidestep answers.

    This time around is different for me. Today I am not just angry at big spending/big government/anti-American politicians. Today I am genuinely afraid for my country and the future for my children. Yes, both parties have spent us into oblivion among other things, albeit the Democrats are using a rocket ship, and the Republicans a bullet train. Yes those damned Republicans deserve every bit of criticism you laid out. But as I attend more and more Tea Party meetings, I’ve sensed a shift in the general population, at least locally, where many others are scared out of their wits too at what we are witnessing before our very eyes. People are very worried, not just angry.

    Obama has already stated and demonstrated Congress is irrelevant. He will simply by fiat RULE the country without legislative involvement. How? He’s doing it now; amnesty to illegals for starters. EPA. IRS. And of course, now with carte blanche from Obamacare he can do all but crown himself King.

    No sir, I’m not throwing in the towel, like I’ve threatened to so many times. Now that Obamacare is the LAW OF THE LAND, what should we do, just roll over and call it quits? I don’t think so. This election is for the survival of the country, not just about debating which party is worse than the other. This is it brother. If there ever were such a thing as tipping points, it is this election.

    I have no special love for Mitt Romney, but Jason, do you REALLY want Barack Obama re-elected? REALLY? There’s no difference between them? As near I can tell, Romney isn’t a Communist. Obama is a Marxist right out of the book. That’s right, I said it. His Kansas speech last December left no stone unturned. Anyone denying he is is either completely stupid, lying or likes the fact he is.

    The country is broke and broken. We all know that. So what next, sit back and wait for our demise? My kids deserve better. I believe this is the last straw for the Republican Party. I really do. 6 months ago I thought Obama had it in the bag, but now I do not. Why? Because like Romney and the Reps or not, our only choice is to get Obama and the Progressives/Socialists OUT, and that means both Parties. Right now many in his own Party are avoiding Obama like the plague. They KNOW they are in trouble. The Democrat Party is too far gone; there is no such thing as a Blue Dog Democrat anymore (witness Obamacare vote and Dodd/Frank), but we at least still have a fighting chance with the Republicans by holding them accountable.

    And no DC Andy, the only difference is NOT gay marriage. How you can even say that is remarkable.

    Look at it this way. We may be on death row, but even those waiting for the inevitable use up all their appeals before their last meal. This may be our last appeal, but I’ll be damned before I go without a fight.

    BTW, Milton Friedman is my hero. Peter Schiff is not too far off the mark though, just a different style and more passion. See his latest irreverent Congressional speech. Note the pompous attitudes of the Congressmen.

  7. slimething says:

    I forgot to add:
    Hearing entitled “Oversight of Federal Housing Administration’s Multifamily Insurance Programs”. Peter Schiff speaks at 50:00, 1:07:00, 1:09:35, 1:36:17, 1:46:00, 1:50:00.

  8. A Romney election will successfully kick the can a bit further down the road. He may even slow the rate at which the the debt rises; bring the expansion of the deficit down to a smaller exponential. He may slow the growth of government slightly but not enough to let economic growth out pace it. A Romney presidency will buy America some time by slowing the rot. This extra time might allow someone to come up with a solution to the central problem of all large scale societies–the problem which has never been solved and turned Rome away from republicanism to stagnate as an empire and caused Atheneans to trade democracy for monarchy. Or it might just postpone the reset switch which would see America and the West fail and rebuild in a fresh start.

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