Putting The 2012 Heatwave In Perspective

Heatwaves were much worse in the past in the US. It is important that climate experts honor history, rather than deny it.

Lebanon, Missouri is ground zero for the 2012 heatwave. They have seen five days over 100F this year. By contrast, during 1936 they had forty-one days over 100F. During the past decade, they have had 31 days over 100F, compared to 152 days during the 1930s. Extremely hot days were five times more common during the 1930s.

U.S. Historical Climatology Network

The 1950s had 58 days over 100 degrees, including the all-time record high of 113 degrees. Bottom line is that the US saw much more severe heatwaves in the past when CO2 was below 320 ppm. Not only was the duration of the heatwaves longer, but the intensity was greater. The climate was hotter in the past.

Blaming CO2 for heatwaves defies history and science, and is nothing more than superstition. The 1990s had unusually cool summers after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, and that gap has blinded people to the longer term record.


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7 Responses to Putting The 2012 Heatwave In Perspective

  1. DC Andy says:

    How much in the way of taxes and economic devastation would it cost to return to CO2 levels of the 1930’s, which obviously would by no means promise better weather?

  2. Steve,

    Something else interesting, I checked on all the 100+ degree days up to but not including July or later. There have been no 100+ degree days in Lebanon Missouri since 1988. Do a scatter plot of that and you’ll see almost all occur in the first half of the 20th century, and there are a bunch of them.

    Great work Steve, thanks, keep it up!

    • Thanks, however the last four days of June 2012 were all over 100F. I included them in my analysis, but they are not in the USHCN data which only goes through 2011.

  3. Shooter says:

    We have one in Canada, and they showed a map of both Canada and the US. And you may have guessed, they showed the States all in red. Never counted the parts that are getting record rain and cold. Gotta love hoaxes!

  4. jdouglashuahin says:

    1936 February–March: Record cold followed by rapid warming causes flooding across several northeastern states, killing 171 and leaving 430,000 homeless[32]
    April: The Tupelo-Gainesville tornado outbreak of tornadoes kills 436
    July–August: A heat wave across the Midwest and Northeast U.S. claims 5,000 lives. Record temperatures from this event still stand across fifteen states.[33]
    Read About The World’s Worst Disasters

    Do you think that either the Mongols under Kublai Khan or the Japanese gave any thought to CO2 when the Mongol’s invasion in 1274 was thwarted by a typhoon?
    The Second Invasion of 1281 was similarly destroyed by what the Japanese called the two storms kamikaze, or “divine winds.” and according to you there could not have been any typhoons then because there was not enough CO2 to cause them.

  5. jdouglashuahin says:

    I, John D. Swallow, have been doing an experiment with alarmist blog sites and it has been interesting to see just how non receptive they are to any conflicting, and I might add, conflicting information.

    This one is one of the most ignorant:
    Western Australia’s catastrophic forest collapse

    This one’s only reason for existence is to disparage certain people:
    The Monckton Files: Back in the Attic

    Martin is a total fool and if one goes to the site above one can see that demonstrated when he is “questioning” Dr. Lindzen:
    Polluting Pariah or Green Superpower?

    I must give credit when it is due and at least Peter Sinclair allows somewhat of a debate with out “snipping” everything that contradicts their flawed views.

    The point of this is that maybe these people need some views that are valid to wake them up and also to correct the post I just made to explain that the “You” was not intended for anyone associated with this blog.

  6. jdouglashuahin says:

    I now see that I failed to include the link to “Crock of the Week” where one can really get inside of the mind of the gloom and doom alarmist; but, what are they doing to rectify their perceived problem?
    Duluth Storm: Yet Another Postcard from the Future

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