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Evil Oil Companies Discover Proof Of Dramatic Climate Change

Ancient soccer moms caused 120 metres of sea level rise. We know this because 97% of our leading scientific societies tell us that climate change is caused by man woman. ‘Britain’s Atlantis’ – a hidden underwater world swallowed by the … Continue reading

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1896 : White House Severely Damaged By Climate Change

Twenty towns were wrecked, and many people died – in the low CO2 hurricane of 1896. 03 Oct 1896 – HURRICANE IN AMERICA. TWENTY TOWNS WRECKED. THE … h/t to Andy DC and Ivan

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July 4th Message : Get A Grip

Stop believing all the crap being fed to you by the new crop of Bolsheviks. Economic conditions are nothing like the 1930s, yet. When Obama and the Dems took over Washington in 2007, unemployment was near historic lows. Climate is … Continue reading

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“Not A Matter Of If”

The usual nutcases are out claiming that houses burned in Colorado because of climate change. The only thing that changed is that a bunch of clueless people built houses in places that were a fire waiting to happen. The lead … Continue reading

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More Disturbing Imagery Of The CO2 Induced Storm That Hit Washington This Week

Photos: Storm damage in Washington, D.C. – CNN.com We get 80-100 MPH straight line winds in Colorado several times a year, but nothing like the horrific life-changing damage seen above. In the year 1900, the people of Galveston, Texas complained about the relatively minor … Continue reading

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Independence Day For The Union Of Concerned Scientists

July 4th would be a good day for all Americans who are seriously concerned about climate change to permanently free themselves form any CO2 generating activities. These include, but are not limited to eating breathing driving, flying or using public … Continue reading

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This Is What Climate Change Looked Like In 1871

Thousands of people burned to death in Peshtigo, Wisconsin in October, 1871 during a massive firestorm which destroyed more than a million acres. Chicago burned to the ground on the same day. A huge cyclonic storm generated the high winds which … Continue reading

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