More Disturbing Imagery Of The CO2 Induced Storm That Hit Washington This Week

Photos: Storm damage in Washington, D.C. –

We get 80-100 MPH straight line winds in Colorado several times a year, but nothing like the horrific life-changing damage seen above.

In the year 1900, the people of Galveston, Texas complained about the relatively minor non-CO2 driven storm seen below. What a bunch of whiners. They had no idea how bad things would be when CO2 went over 350 ppm.

1900 Galveston Hurricane « Old River-Winfree Community News

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5 Responses to More Disturbing Imagery Of The CO2 Induced Storm That Hit Washington This Week

  1. dmmcmah says:

    You’re missing the fact that the center of the universe is the north east US where all the smart people like Eugene Robinson live:

    “Still don’t believe in climate change? Then you’re either deep in denial or delirious from the heat.”

  2. Eric Webb says:

    I dont care who you are, but nothing compares to the Galveston hurricane of 1900. When 10,000 people die, and it forces a city to construct a seawall, you know it’s extremely significant, of course AGW don’t want to you to know that or the fact that in 1938, during the Long Island Express Hurricane a wind gust recorded at over 185 MPH, or the Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944 which produced a wind gust of 160 MPh at Cape henry, VA, but then they claim Irene is proof of global warming and is one of the worst storms ever. Not even close.

  3. Sundance says:

    IQ test alert!!!!!!

    Look at the photo above carefully. Focus on the trees in the photo and see if you can find the dead tree. Now what do we know about the state of dead trees and their risk of falling at any time?

    ‘What to Look For’
    Dead wood

    Dead wood is “not negotiable”– dead trees and large dead branches must be removed immediately! Dead trees and branches are unpredictable and can break and fall at any time (Fig. 1). Dead wood is often dry and brittle and cannot bend in the wind like a living tree or branch. Dead branches and tree tops that are already broken off (“hangers” or “widow makers”) are especially dangerous!

    So we have CNN associating a picture of a fallen “dead tree”, you know the type that are brittle and can snap and fall on their own at any time, as a sign of a “violent storm” with winds that are pretty frequent and uneventful to those of us in the Windy City who have been around heavy wind their entire life. Hey look there is a violent storm outside my window right now and I’m afraid it could knock down a dead tree! I have to go call Kevin Trenberth so he can warn the world.

    CNN failed the IQ test and don’t be surprised when they post a picture of a 95 year old with a cane that fell in their house, and blame it on violent storms. 🙂

    • Sundance says:

      Imagined conversation in the editorial room at CNN.

      Bob – “Are you stupid? You want to show a picture of a dead tree that fell over and say that it was violent storms that done it?”

      Fred – “Sure do Bob. You forget that the CNN audience was shocked that Anderson Cooper is gay. If they couldn’t tell that Anderson Cooper was gay there is no way they will pick up on this dead tree photo.”

      Bob – “Good point Fred. Go ahead send it to print.”

    • sunsettommy says:

      That branch was already failing for some time before the big wind by the visible evidence at the big end of the branch.

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