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2450 Day Milestone Coming Up In Florida

July 10 will mark 2450 days without a hurricane strike in Florida – by far the longest such period on record. CO2 is close to 400 ppm now. During the 1880s, Florida was hit by eleven hurricanes, including three major … Continue reading

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Illinois July Temperatures Plummeting – 2009 Was The Coldest On Record

July 2009 was 12.2 degrees colder than July, 1936. Illinois residents can see climate change from their house. Illinois, Temperature, July 1895-2011  

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Finally, A Taker!

July 4, 2012 at 2:44 am

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Global Warming Continues Unabated

Fifteen years of no temperature rise, while government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars trying to scare us over a total non-event. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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Research Shows That Abuse Of Statistics Is Entirely Consistent With Global Warming Belief

John Cook loves to quote the statistic that “there are more record highs than record lows” in recent years. Well surprise, surprise surprise. Study after study has shown that urbanization keeps nighttime temperatures up. This has been understood for hundreds of years. … Continue reading

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Leading Alarmist John Cook Explains Why Trenberth Is Full Of It

It’s easy to confuse current weather events with long-term climate trends, and hard to understand the difference between weather and climate. Does cold weather disprove global warming? John Cook wrote this in 2010 when he was trying to explain the cold … Continue reading

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Trenberth Talking Out Of Where The Sun Never Shines

Trenberth lives in Boulder, yet seems to know little about the weather in Colorado. In his Judy Woodruff interview, he said that “we don’t expect to see wildfires this early in the season” That is just freaking dense. The worst … Continue reading

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“Tina Fey” Trenberth Says That He Can See Climate Change Out His Window

Climate is the long term pattern of weather, and you can’t see long term patterns over a period of one week. Consider Hillsboro, Ohio – the closest USHCN station to Cincinnati. Last week they had three days over 100F, the longest … Continue reading

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