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Shocking Photo Of Joe Romm’s Permanent Drought

One year ago this week, Joe Romm declared that the southwest permanent drought had begun. Dust Storm Marks Beginning of Southwest’s “Permanent Drought” | The Energy Collective This important story from Joe Romm deserves an update – avert your eyes if you … Continue reading

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PIOMAS : Ice Free June In Eight Years

PIOMAS continues to paint themselves into a corner with their remarkable ice volume claims. Ice free September in three years

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44,000 Record Low Ice Extents

A Google search for “nsidc record low ice extent” turns up 44,800 results. It is like that scene from The Holy Grail, where the horseman is galloping towards you – but never gets any closer. Nearly every month NSIDC tells … Continue reading

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What Happened To Texas? What Happened To Tornadoes?

One year ago Andrew Dessler from Texas A&M University wrote an editorial in the Houston Chronicle declaring Texas to be in a permanent drought. No one is talking about Texas any more because they have had above normal rainfall this year. Similarly, … Continue reading

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Romm Finds A Victim In Colorado

So here is the real story. Some guy from Pakistan got suckered into buying a house in the middle of a pine forest which naturally burns every twenty years, and now he wants someone else to pay for his mistake. The main … Continue reading

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More Floods In Colorado

As the idiots in the press continue to report on imaginary fires in Colorado, we are facing flooding. Warnings for Larimer County Below 6000 Feet/Northwest Weld County, Colorado | Weather Underground In July of 1976 a flash flood southwest of … Continue reading

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July 4th Used To Be Much Hotter In Virginia

The graph below plots all July 4th 100  degree readings taken in Virginia. USHCN reports sixteen July 4th readings (among eighteen stations)  over 100 degrees in Virginia from 1895-2011 The hottest July 4th was 105F at Woodstock, Virginia in 1898. Half of the 100 … Continue reading

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