44,000 Record Low Ice Extents

A Google search for “nsidc record low ice extent” turns up 44,800 results. It is like that scene from The Holy Grail, where the horseman is galloping towards you – but never gets any closer.

Nearly every month NSIDC tells us that ice is at a “record low” – yet Arctic ice extent and age continues to increase since the 2007-20o8 minimum. That is what happens when people use confirmation bias ladders to do their cherry picking.


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3 Responses to 44,000 Record Low Ice Extents

  1. kirkmyers says:

    When your job depends on your adherence to the AGW theory, you will do whatever is necessary to arrive at the politically correct pre-ordained conclusion. There are many scientists, probably some at NSIDC, who are afraid to speak out publicly against the enforced doctrine of AGW. It’s much safer to remain silent and remain employed.

    I’ve concluded that government-funded “science” is a huge mistake. Think about it: If the government is handing you millions of dollars in grants to “study the adverse effects of global warming,” you’re not going to be inclined to publish research that contradicts the government’s publicly stated position. The natural desire to not bite the hand that feeds you applies to almost any government-subsidized scientific effort.

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