More Floods In Colorado

As the idiots in the press continue to report on imaginary fires in Colorado, we are facing flooding.

Warnings for Larimer County Below 6000 Feet/Northwest Weld County, Colorado | Weather Underground

In July of 1976 a flash flood southwest of Fort Collins killed 144 people – one of America’s worst flood disasters.  It happened at a time when climate experts were panicked about global cooling.


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1 Response to More Floods In Colorado

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Spare a thought also for the poor UK Met Office. Here are two articles, the second resulted from curiosity…which had me checking the original forecast after I read the first just now.

    Daily Mail yesterday:
    Soggiest summer in history? Flooding chaos… and washout will continue into next week

    UK Telegraph a month ago:
    Forecasters predict barbecue summer to rival 2003 as temperatures rocket to 27C tomorrow

    UK Met Office, via National Grid Summer Outlook Report 12 April:
    “The Met Office probabilities for summer temperatures show a slight weighting towards above normal.”

    Oh, ROFLMAO…poor blighters, they must really need another supercomputer.

    I will say the forecasters behind the 2nd article were saying that blocking was expected to dissipate…I think that has just been shown to be, er, a washout prediction. Meanwhile east US has (2010) Moscow (heat) on the Potomac. Blocking, aye. Solar grand minimum is here.

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