Joe Romm On The Super-Drought In The UK

Joe is an equal opportunity neurotic, and does not confine his moronic forecasts to the US. Who is paying this guy to be wrong about everything?

June was wettest since records began in 1910

You felt it in your bones, but now it’s official – it was the lousiest June ever.

The month just gone was the wettest June in the United Kingdom since rainfall records began in 1910, according to provisional Met Office figures released yesterday, but it wasn’t only very wet.

It was also very cold for the time of year, and it was also very dull, and in many parts of the country, the idea of Flaming June was no more than a fantasy.

During the month, the total UK rainfall was 145.3mm – exactly twice as much as you would normally expect compared to the 1971-2000 average of 72.6mm – and this figure beats the previous record of 136.2mm, set in the incredibly wet month of June 2007.

Looking at individual countries, it has been the wettest June on record for Wales and Northern Ireland, the second wettest in England, and the eighth wettest in Scotland.

Many areas have seen extremely high rainfall – with 83 out of 237 observation sites marking their wettest June on record, the Met Office said. Some of these are not significant as they have very short recording histories, but others have been operating much longer – Otterbourne in Hampshire has been operating for 119 years.

June was wettest since records began in 1910 – Nature – Environment – The Independent

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14 Responses to Joe Romm On The Super-Drought In The UK

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    In a different set of data, it was the wettest in England and Wales at 160.3 mm since 1766. Though 1860 came very close with 157.1 mm. May was also record breaking at 149.7 mm. However, neither month comes into the top 50 wettest months with the wettest being October 1903 with 218.1 mm.

    July is also coming in as a wet month though it will have to go some to beat the wettest July on record which was 1828 at 182.6 mm or even second place 1834 at 164.2 mm.

    We might see the wettest summer too with the highest average of June, July, August being 136.6 mm in 1912.

    When eyeballing the graph of annual rainfall since 1766 there appears to be no trend at all. Adding a trend line gives a value of increased rainfall of 1.5mm per decade but any small variations could be the result of early measurement limitations.

    Taken individually the only months that show much of a trend are December (plus 1 mm per decade) and January (plus 1.3 mm) and July (minus 1 mm). Presumably these are the source of the met office predictions that under global warming, the UK will get wetter winters and drier summers.

    The wettest 12 month period was the 12 months ending in March 2001 at 1355.4 mm. The driest 12 month period was the 12 months ending in July 1785 at 522.1 mm. By comparison, the most recent low rainfall 12 month period was Feb 2012 at 710.2 mm and comes in at the 99th driest 12 month period on record. 1785 and 1976 feature in the driest 12 month top ten and 2001 dominates the wettest top 10.

    The wettest 24 month period ended April 2001 at 2340.7 mm and the driest was July 1786 at 1385.7 mm. By comparison the most recent driest 24 months ended March 2012 at 1506 mm and Jun 2012 stands at 1762.4 mm.

    • TinyCO2 says:

      Additional – 1786, 1785, 1855 dominate the top 10 driest 24 month periods but periods ending March and April 1997 come in at 7th and 6th respectively. March 2012 is only 48th driest 24 month period.

      1786 and 1856 dominate the top 10 driest periods ending 36 months. March 2012 comes in at 391st ie not significant at all. While 2001 dominates the wettest 36 month periods August 1879 pips March 2001 at the number one spot.

      Funny how a super drought can vanish when you look at the real data and not the headlines.

  2. chris y says:

    Romm is possibly a Koch mole. I think Mann, McKibben, Hayhoe and Trenberth could be as well. The self-immolation of the global warming cult is epic in so many ways.

    • gofer says:

      Romn, the “calamotogist”, doesn’t understand how anybody can step outside and still deny global warming in his critisism of George Will’s statement of “it’s Summer, get over it.” I guess it would depend just where on the globe you “stepped outside”. Romn lacks the embarrassment gene. Apparently any ridiculous statement can be made because the “Team” will support whatever idiotic spew comes out of mouths of “climate clowns.”

  3. kirkmyers says:

    Romm’s sky-is-falling pronouncements are standard operating procedure for the Warmists. Raise the alarm about any weather forecast or long-range climate prediction that supports the man-is-warming-the-earth hype. Ignore or downplay any weather event or research that undermines the “consensus” dogma.

    Romm, New York Times environment reporter Justin Gillis, AP’s Seth Borenstein and many other mainstream editors and reporters have been reduced to paid hacks who craft their scare stories to fit their personal biases, which are clearly in sync with the eco-extremist movement..

    The lastest piece by Borenstein,”What global warming looks like,” was crude propaganda passed off as objective reporting. The usual alarmist scientists were quoted prominently. A quote from UAH scientist Roy Spencer correctly placing the blame for the recent heat wave on “Mother Nature” was relegated to the end of the story.

    There was a day when such tactics would earn delinquent reporters a verbal thrashing and a pink slip.

  4. tckev says:

    From what I understand the UK has the only proven method of drought control.
    1. Once a dry spell starts to look like a drought the Water Companies and the Government ban people watering their yard with hosepipes, stops them filling swimming pools, etc.
    This hardly ever works.
    2. When that doesn’t work the government declares ‘A Crisis’ and starts full media coverage on how to save water, and outlines coming actions, and the cost to the Government of all this action.
    This sometimes works if the drought is caught early.
    3. If it stays dry and hot the Government (after the usual period of careful consideration) swiftly takes action and declares a ‘National Emergency’, followed by the ultimate action of assigning a Government Minister to be in charge of ‘THE DROUGHT’ and the large sums of (fictional) money to tackle it.
    This final move – having some minister babble-on night and day about ‘THE DROUGHT’, saving water, and it’s the worst in living memory etc., – always kills the drought, and heralds the start of the proverbial 40 days and nights of rain. Britain return to it’s rain sodden normality. As soon as everywhere is flooded, hosepipe bans are rescinded, and the filling of flooded swimmings pools is allowed.

    • Billy Liar says:

      You forgot a step; the one it’s all about. They put up the price of water because there’s a ‘shortage’. 🙂

      • ozspeaksup says:

        yup, they tried that in aus. to make people cut back..
        it worked
        we have desal plants costing billions and not needed full reservoirs and the water cos privatised..just put prices up another 25% in one slug.
        and are bitching theyre not making money cos folks have learnt to be careful with water in cities..finally., and wont pay the insane prices. avg os now near 900 a year per home, up from arounf 500 avg

  5. Ray says:

    That is the problem with cat-warmists, they are so desperate for any sign of warming that they will try to see it even in a cloud, or the lack of it. Gor, can we have a nice cloudless summer for a change and not blame it on AGW?

  6. scizzorbill says:

    I suggest Romm adopt this line from ‘Oh Susana’ as his theme song:

    “Rained all night the day I left–the weather it was dry”

  7. Sparks says:

    Channel 4 News from 29 April 2012

    “Back in the UK, Britain’s Environment Agency predicts drought conditions to last up to Christmas or beyond, but don’t forget to bring an umbrella.” (HA HA HA HA!)

  8. Sparks says:

    getsurrey from April 26, 2012

    “ABOVE average rainfall this month will not be enough to end the drought, according to Thames Water.”

    “It is expected that because groundwater levels are so low, once the rain stops again the flows in rivers will rapidly drop off once more.

    Jim Jones, from Surrey Wildlife Trust, said he was still being told by the Environment Agency that the levels of rainfall were not going to make a difference to the drought.”

    WHAT? (HA HA HA HA HA)!! Read the whole article and comments it’s a hoot!

  9. Sparks says:

    Romm is correct, In the UK millions of people are wander around in a thirsty almost zombie-like state because of this super drought!

  10. Billy Liar says:

    Has anyone else noticed that the UK Met Office are now pretending that ‘records began in 1910’?

    It’s always easier to break records when you shorten the time available for comparison.

    The UK Met Office was established in 1854 but they didn’t do anything until 1910 and no-one made any records of anything before 1854.

    Is that true?

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