Eight Inches Of Rain At The Permanent Fire Drought

The press is still babbling mindlessly about the fires and permanent drought  in Colorado, while some places have received 60% of the normal annual rainfall during the last week.

I tried riding my bike to Safeway before, but the water was running up over a bridge on the bike trail.

Intellicast – Weekly Precipitation in Denver, Colorado

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11 Responses to Eight Inches Of Rain At The Permanent Fire Drought

  1. Dave N says:

    How odd that they’re not chanting the “global weirding” mantra over this rainfall. They’re going to look pretty stupid if they turn around and start now.. I mean more stupid

  2. ozspeaksup says:

    there is Always a fairly big rain after fires, if not as they burn, that puts em out.I cannot remember any fire in aus, and we do have biggies, that hasnt been followed by good rains, sometimes flooding rain.

  3. I was not aware that a heavy rain indicated the end of a drought. Silly me, I thought drought was measured over several months and only the news media called three days without rain a drought and three days with it the end of the drought. So, just to be clear, any rain means no drought and lack of rain for three or more days means drought. Whatever.

    • Some parts of Colorado which normally receive 14 inches of rain per year have received more than 8 inches during the past week.

      The math is really tricky, but I think you can figure it out.

  4. Actually, no I cannot. A single month with excess rainfall does not end a drought. If it stops raining at that point, the crops will still dry up and so will the reservoirs. Getting 8 inches of rain the past week only means Colorado is wet NOW. Unless you are arguing that if it rains 8 inches it’s a sign that there’s not a single chance of the stopping and the hot, dry conditions returning. Which is fortune-telling. If Colorado got 8 inches of rain May first and no more until October, that 8 inches means nothing as far as the drought goes. Drought is an ongoing meteorological phenomena that does not end with one rain event. (Are you using Obama math–because you’re right that I won’t get that……)

    • Obviously a return to drought is always possible later even if you have Noah’s flood. . When a lot of rain falls on a place where there is normally very little, that ends the drought quickly.

  5. Okay. So the point of the post was in this particular time in the space-time continuum there is no longer a meteorological drought in Colorado and those who said the drought would continue are totally wrong. All is subject to change in a short period of time so who is right and who is wrong seems pretty fluid if one foolishly attempts to predict outcomes of natural events. Perhaps that is why what is happening here and now is the only thing that is safe to actually state rather than tomorrow’s possible weather. It’s kind of a limiting view it seems to me, but I can go with it from here on out.

  6. Sure. I have to go now and return to watching “Destination Truth”. It generally makes more sense than some of these things and I know it’s fiction cause it’s on SyFy. Makes it easy to know. 🙂

    • I made a post titled “Eight inches of rain at the permanent drought” which is clearly seen on the map, and you somehow confused yourself into retreating a world of science fiction.

  7. It’s not a retreat, it’s just for fun.

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