Greenland July Meltdown Continues At -19C



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13 Responses to Greenland July Meltdown Continues At -19C

  1. suyts says:

    Nearly planting season!

  2. Andy DC says:

    Ideal golf weather!

  3. MFKBoulder says:

    Who is so stupid and expects melting of ice at 10,000 ft?
    With this weather, what is going on at the edge of the greenland ice sheet?

    • Excellent question. Most of the Greenland Ice Sheet surface is at high altitude and can’t possibly melt, so who are the idiots talking about a Greenland meltdown?

      The ice accumulates in the interior and flows out to the sea – where it melts. If you learn a little science, then you won’t be so scared.

      • MFKBoulder says:

        Hey Steven you are mixing up greenland with Antarctica,

        Snow, finr and ice is meltng in Greenland summers up to 4000 ft a.s.l.
        You could read this, you could know this, but I do not see any problem when you ignore this.
        “so who are the idiots talking about a Greenland meltdown?”
        should be rephrased:
        “so who are the idiots desinforming on Greenland runoff?”

  4. MFKBoulder says:

    The confusion on your side was that you described the mass loss of the Greenland ice sheet with the processes observed in antarctica.
    In Greenland there are two processes: Ice loss by galciers calving into the sea ANd Ice los by melting ice and runnof. You stated yourself that 10% of the greenland ice sheet is below 4000 ft a.s.l. line.
    Thus there is plenty of possible glacier melt during summer.
    Nonetheless you are sugesting with you summit picture (where no melt is) that there is no ice mett in Greenland.
    That’s horse feathers.

    • I recently watched the crew at the Greenland summit station dig themselves out of the new snow and ice which buried them over the winter. They have to do this every year

      If you ever flew over western Greenland in late summer (I do it all the time), you would notice that the ice at lower elevations is almost pitch black from soot or dirt. Not surprising that there is some melt going on there.

      • MFKBoulder says:

        Hi Steven,
        givien you comment on digging out Summit station makes it obvious: you missed in physical geography 100 the lesson on glaciers: above (permanent) sow line erverything is burried in snow and firn on a glacier.
        And on all glaciers you have soot and dirt (dust) accumulated wich shows up when ice melts (and helps the sun to melt the ice).

        Sorry to say this: you pictures comment qualifies as horse feathers

        • You are a typical FUDster. You talk and talk and say nothing. No one has any idea if the Greenland ice sheet is gaining or losing mass. The GRACE interpretations at the University of Texas failed to account for isostasy . Talk to them about physical geology 100

  5. MFKBoulder says:

    All I tried to say was you are messing up things talking about greenland melt down and showing pics from the summit camp (with air temp).
    Feel free to show me my mistakes in my comments.

    may be you also want to comment on this:

    This is just a couple of miles north of Greenland.
    No signs of melting?

    • The Summit Camp is fairly typical of most of the surface of the ice sheet (high altitude). What isn’t typical are the rest of the weather stations in Greenland which are located on the tiny percentage of the island that is not covered with ice.

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