99 Years Ago Today : Worst Heatwave In History – 134 Degrees In California

During the week of July 8 through July 14, 1913,  high temperatures averaged 129 degrees at Greenland Ranch, California.  On July 10 the temperature reached 134 degrees.


August, 1913 also had the hottest daytime temperatures in Oklahoma history, with an average high temperature of 106.4 at Oklahoma City for the month.

Meeker Oklahoma USHCN Temperatures
Month    Year   Average Max   Mean   Average Min
August   1913         106.4   89.5          72.2
August   1936         105.8   90.1          73.7
July     2011         101.9   89.0          75.6

Experts tell us that 100 degree temperatures in 2012 would be impossible without global warming.


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4 Responses to 99 Years Ago Today : Worst Heatwave In History – 134 Degrees In California

  1. DC Andy says:

    The alarmists have been trying to “dis” the Greenland Ranch record. I would have far more faith in a temperature from 1913 than I would from a thermometer controlled by the current agenda crazed group of NOAA scientists.

    When you think about it, the obviously alarmist Government officials controlling weather station thermometers is roughly equvilent to the home team picking the refs for a sporting event and having the ref’s jobs depend on the outcome of the game. Do you think the visiting (cool) side would get a fair break? There are plenty of sports events decided by questionable calls even without the extraordinary bias that alarmists bring to the table. With big money comes big corruption.

  2. johnmcguire says:

    I worked in the Panmint valley which is the one west of Death valley from the early seventies off and on up to 2001 at various gold mines and recall that it was always hot every spring through fall only cooling in the winter. At one job splicing conveyor belts laid out on the ground one of the crew laid a thermometer on the belt and it went to over 150 degrees. We wore knee pads over our jeans to keep from blistering our knees on the hot belts and ground. We wore gloves at all times because a person couldn’t touch let alone pick up anything with out them. I don’t recall any years being particularly different from any of the others. I don’t beleive it is any warmer now than it was in the seventies.

  3. papiertigre says:

    The local paper (Sacramento) has been forecasting 102 degree living hell since Friday.
    Forgetting for a minute that hundred degree weather in the Valley is standard for July, the high temp didn’t cracked the century mark yet. I think we got up to 97 yesterday.

    Instead of contrition for their alarmism, coupled with inaccuracy, today they doubled down on stupid, predicting 104 as the high. Here it is about 4:30 in the afternoon, 97 again.
    That’s what you get with a Democrat paper. Even the weather page stinks of politics.

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