Dumberer And Dumbererer

Yesterday, after I posted the US temperature record graphs, a number of geniuses started accusing me of calculating incremental records – i.e. during year one, every station sets a record on every day, etc.

Just for fun, I did that calculation and plotted it out below. It is completely meaningless and obviously not what I presented.

The graph below is the unbiased version, where all years which share an daily all-time record get counted.


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5 Responses to Dumberer And Dumbererer

  1. Dave N says:

    Dumberererer still: they could have plotted their own graphs and seen how dumb they are

  2. DirkH says:

    See my comment here.

    Worse, it looks like they used a spline filter for each individual tree, at least in one of the graphs of the addenda. Now, that may be SOP in dendro, but it’s smoothing upon smoothing with a filter that is not a favorite of mine. Maybe they run their algorithms on unsmoothed data though, I haven’t read enough to be able to tell ya.

    BUT, it has to be said, it’s a leviathan of a paper together with its technical addenda. They seem to be showing what they’re doing. Hope Steve McIntyre analyses it.

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