Martin Hoerling Needs To Check His Facts

“. . . [Presently] we’re breaking high temperature records much more frequently than by chance. And, by some estimates, the ratio of that exceedance of breaking highs compared to what you would expect by chance would lead to us say to that there’s about an 80 percent chance that the record high you experienced was due to climate change.

NOAA scientist: 80 percent chance recent heat records due to climate change – Capital Weather Gang – The Washington Post

Complete nonsense. According to USHCN temperature records, the 1930s holds a wide lead for all-time daily record maximums in the US. There is zero evidence that “climate change” has increased the probability of setting temperature records.


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11 Responses to Martin Hoerling Needs To Check His Facts

  1. robindatta says:

    Those 1930s records that were eclipsed by later records should be removed from consideration.

    • The dissonance of the faithful never ceases to amaze me.

      The chart shows only all-time records. If it was 100 degrees in 1936 and 101 degrees in 2011, only 2011 gets marked as a record. If they were both 100, they both get marked.

      What this chart shows is that there were a lot more record highs in the 1930s. Period.

    • suyts says:

      You know, Steve, this has been pretty hilarious. And very instructive towards the warmists. It seems the camp is equally divided between blithering idiots who can’t comprehend more than two dimensions, and people who are so incredulous about what the graph says, they simply reject it out of hand.

  2. slimething says:

    ABC News had a special on “global warming” on tonight’s evening news. Lots of “scientists say” without names and unidentified “studies” and who was their choice as expert “climatologist”? Heidi Cullin. All talk of extreme weather in 2011 was proven man made because [unnamed] scientists say so in an [unnamed] study. Blah blah blah.

    It was enough to make any intelligent honest knowledgeable person puke. No wonder I stopped watching the major networks years ago.

    • Andy DC says:

      I saw the same BS. The same old “latest study by 400 scientists” followed by the usual alarmist drivel from 2 experts (clowns) that I never heard of.

      They mentioned melting sea ice and warming oceans, which is a total fabrication.

    • What struck me in the quote here was “by some estimates … there’s about an 80 percent chance … ” . So what’s the “some estimates” proportion so we can multiply the two and get a lower meaningless number ? Must be 97% so a “true” chance would be 77.5% .

  3. Daryl says:

    There are approximately 300,000 records on that graph. Exactly how many weather stations does the ushcn have?

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