Oklahoma Temperatures – Worse Than It Seems

Like almost all the other states, USHCN has been progressively cooling the past and warming the present. This allows them to turn an inconvenient cooling trend into a warming trend.

2011 has more than three degrees added on to it. This is actually not as bad as it seems. The reason for the big jump is that they lost several stations after March, and as a result had an excess of winter temperatures relative to summer temperatures.


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3 Responses to Oklahoma Temperatures – Worse Than It Seems

  1. Jimmy Haigh says:

    How come they (climate ‘scientists’) lose so many stations? They lose all their data too – especially the ‘inconvenient’ stuff. These peoplewouldn’t survive in the real world.

  2. Robert Austin says:

    Question Steven,
    you don’t hear much about BEST these days. Do you know offhand if BEST started with totally raw data and did their own adjustments or used the adjusted HCN data? Some alarmists claim that BEST put to rest the UHI in the temperature record question and verified GHCN, HadCrut etc.but I find it hard to credit with you demonstrating so many stations being cooled in the past / warmed in the present. Also not mentioned by those touting BEST as the last word in temperature reconstruction is the fact, as I understand it, that almost one third of stations in the BEST study showed a cooling trend. Is that consistent with the warming behavior of a global evenly distributed increase in greenhouse gases?

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