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Joe Bastardi Positively Correlates The Climate To Football Results

Guest post by Joe Bastardi ———————————————— I am using my own alma  mater here so I can  not be accused of trying to  beat down other schools. But I think after looking at this, other schools that have great football … Continue reading

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Another Abuse Of Statistics By The Team

Since 1930, the average of all valid USHCN thermometer data shows a half degree decline in temperatures across the US. But we keep hearing about the high ratio of record maximums to record minimums in the US. Below I will … Continue reading

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Illinois Temperatures Getting Cooler And Less Extreme

Contrary to the nonsense being spouted by the experts, Illinois temperatures have been getting cooler since 1930, with many fewer record temperatures. I changed the algorithm for counting records, so that duplicates get double counted. For example, if an all-time … Continue reading

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Virginia Is For Cheaters

The measured temperature data for Virginia shows a significant cooling trend since 1930, with 1953 as  the hottest year. Our friends at USHCN have fixed this inconvenient problem. VIRGINIA Climate Summary  

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How USHCN Messed With Texas

The thermometer data for Texas shows a cooling trend, which USHCN has hidden. The way they did it was by progressively subtracting larger and larger amounts from older temperature data. The year 1920 had 1.8 degrees subtracted from the average value which … Continue reading

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