The Great Oklahoma Fraud Of 2011

Last year we were told that Oklahoma was the hottest place ever recorded in the US.

It turns out that the raw USHCN data for Oklahoma shows that it was the fifth coldest year on record, and that record maximums didn’t even rank in the top ten.


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3 Responses to The Great Oklahoma Fraud Of 2011

  1. Eric Webb says:

    wow, I like all of these articles showing the tempering and manipulation of the temperature record, just goes to show how out of touch NOAA, NASA, and other government agencies are to the actual data. You should see some of the BS being spewed out now on Master’s blog, and our alarmist friend Neapolitan has gone on quite the AGW alarmist rant, too funny.

  2. Or you could read the latest New Scientist online … There’s an article proclaiming that we are facing increasing ‘extreme weather’ and that the future holds even more ‘extreme weather.’ It then goes on to quote Greenpeace and the usual suspects about why its happening.

    Oh, and they quote the ‘rising temperatures’ you’ve just used …

  3. Andy DC says:

    We are having another hot summer and thus we can expect another round of data manipulation from the usual sources to make it record heat.

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