New Study Proves That Global Warming Theory Doesn’t Work

New Reports Show Impact of Manmade Global Warming

The study found that manmade global warming made the devastating Texas drought and heat wave of 2011 …. at least 20 times more likely compared to years with similar large-scale weather patterns in the 1960s.

New Reports Show Impact of Manmade Global Warming | Climate Central

Looking at the drought record, we can see that droughts in Texas were in fact much more severe during the 1950s and 1960s.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.  

– Richard P. Feynman

Texas, Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI), June-May 1896-2012

Similarly, the number of record high temperatures in 2011 was less than 1925, despite the fact that there were more stations in 2011.


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5 Responses to New Study Proves That Global Warming Theory Doesn’t Work

  1. Andy DC says:

    After several decades of cool summers, we are finally having an old fashioned summer, worthy of the tales of our grandfathers!

  2. Billy Liar says:

    Here’s a classic from Phil Jones predicting significantly wetter winters and drier summers after a wet winter in 2000 in the UK.

    Click to access alexander_and_jones_ukp.pdf

    The UK had a dry winter in 2012 and is having a very wet summer. I wonder if Phil will be writing another paper soon predicting exactly the opposite of his 2001 paper but with the identical cause – increased CO2 and global warming.

  3. Eric Webb says:

    Who said anything about GW being a theory? I thought the definition of a scientific theory was one that was WELL ACCEPTED IN THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY, and clearly this one is NOT, thus it is merely a scientific hypothesis. That “97% of scientists agreeing that CAGW existed” statement is false too because the data was skewed, and the questions asked were very general, and any sensible would agree that earth has warmed over the last several thousand years, and agree man has some effect on climate, but exactly how much is still speculation, however it is know that we don’t play any role in the climate system that can be accurately measured, and most of the effects from man are lost in the noise of the climate system in the other larger scale effects such as rotation, precession, the solar cycles, volcanic activity, and PDO & AMO.

  4. Ben says:


    What good does it do to have a firm grasp of reality, when perception dissemination to the funders is firmly in the grip of funding-recipient hyperbolists?

    Perception is everything…reality is incidental.

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