Perhaps We Should Call It Our New Climate – Of Stupidity?

January 4, 2008

This drought may never break

IT MAY be time to stop describing south-eastern Australia as gripped by drought and instead accept the extreme dry as permanent, one of the nation’s most senior weather experts warned yesterday.

Perhaps we should call it our new climate,” said the Bureau of Meteorology’s head of climate analysis, David Jones.

Sydney’s nights were its warmest since records were first kept 149 years ago.

There is absolutely no debate that Australia is warming,” said Dr Jones. “It is very easy to see … it is happening before our eyes.”

This drought may never break – Environment –

Four and a half years later – drought in Australia is at historic lows, and Sydney just had their coldest summer on record.

Australian Rainfall Maps

February 15, 2012
Sydney’s record cool weather to continue

WESTERN Sydney is experiencing its coldest summer on record thanks to cloud and rain associated with the La Nina weather cycle.

Tom Saunders, senior meteorologist at The Weather Channel, said Penrith had experienced average maximum temperatures of 26.2C, while Parramatta recorded an average of 24.6C.

Blacktown hit an average 25C.

Meanwhile, Sydney was only able to record an average 24.6C, putting it on track for the coldest summer since 1953.

Sydney’s record cool weather to continue |

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4 Responses to Perhaps We Should Call It Our New Climate – Of Stupidity?

  1. Me says:

    Perhaps We Should Call It Our New Climate – Of Stupidity? Or whatever! LMAO!

  2. On Sydney’s east coast used to go swimming nearly every afternoon due to the warm temps. Locally there seemed to be a peek around 2006 and since then it’s been getting cooler. Was lucky to get a swim in once or twice this summer… all the rainfall hasn’t helped and even in July it’s still raining fairly regularly each week even though we are starting to move into El Nino territory.

  3. Rosco says:

    Queensland Australia has just experienced the wettest six months to June since 1974 – a year of huge floods.

    But 2011 was a very wet year with major flooding and a major cyclone, and who could forget those flood pictures from Queensland in 2011, YET 2012 BEAT IT by a fair margin !!

    There is so much rain in Australia over the last 3 years everyone is totally sick of it and thinking of emigrating to a dry climate !!

  4. Brian G Valentine says:

    Hail Krudd! He fixed the drought, like he promised he would.

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