Freezing Temperatures Returning To The Arctic Early

NCEP is forecasting that the high Arctic “summer” is winding down early this year, with freezing temperatures returning to parts of the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas this week.

10-Day Temperature Outlook

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51 Responses to Freezing Temperatures Returning To The Arctic Early

  1. Brian D says:

    Probably looking at lower pressure over the Arctic basin for quite some time. That’ll keep the temps down, and the ice will be going every which way as the lows move around. This pattern doesn’t favor large export of ice out of the basin like a strong DA does. Similar to the 2010 season, I do believe., for this time of year.

  2. Tony Duncan says:

    Ah, so I guess you are smacking yourself for not taking my 7.5 million Sq. K bet, if this is the end of the melt season! Funny I recently checked and my “prediction” is apparently the same as WUWT though I can’t find it now. And here you thought I was a warmist.

    • Are you ready to bet on a record minimum? Mid July, NSIDC shows it well below 2007. PIOMAS shows record thin ice. NOAA says it is the hottest year ever by three degrees.

      What are you waiting for?

    • Me says:

      Hey you juggling assclown, we don’t have to think your a warmist, you did that all by your self….

  3. Ah Tony!

    Nice to see you back.

  4. Brian D says:

    Lets have a little fun here.
    The title of this article is weird, as it has nothing to do with Bering Sea, but nonetheless.

    Map of the area in question.

    Latest ice results.

  5. jak says:

    If anybody is having difficulty spottiing Steven’s freezewave, it’s the tiny speck of light blue below the “a” in “Temperature” in map 1.

    Here is the latest data on sea ice area:

  6. jak says:

    Hi Steven,

    After following your site for some time, I consider you a liar and a cheat. I will never bet with you on any subject ever.

    • What bullshit. If you had any confidence in your position you would bet.

    • Eric Barnes says:

      Have you graduated from junior high yet?
      You obviously can’t think for yourself. Go back to playing doom in your mothers basement.

      • kirkmyers says:

        Steve is doing a great job of exposing the true liars and cheats, which include many of the so-called “climate scientists” in academia and government agencies like NASA GISS and NOAA NCDC. Their lies have become so pervasive, so obvious and so desperate that fewer and fewer people believe anything they say any more. The constant fear-mongering and emotional diatribes about CO2 emissions have grown tiresome.

  7. Tony Duncan says:

    Steve, I am still willing to bet on my prediction on 4.9 million. Clearly from this posting and all your others you are saying that the minimum is happening really early, so again it is easy money for you .
    you have shown over and over again that these gub’mint scientists are all quacks and idiots and greedy socialist elitist evil whinny cowardly sycophants, so why should I accept their manipulated fraudulent data? From reading your posts, one of the only honest people reporting the truth about climate, there is likelihood that Churchill is on the verge of being covered by a glacier by mid September.

    • Ice is at a record low. NSIDC said that June melt was at a record. PIOMAS says the ice is the thinnest on record NOAA says it is the hottest year on record. Maslowski says ice free by 2013. Barber says MYI is gone.

      If you believe all these folks, a record low is a slam dunk. What odds will you give me to bet against a record low? I know that you trust the experts.

      • Tony Duncan says:

        Don’t you read my comments at ALL Steve. kirk Meyers, without me even realizing said exactly the same thing. You have PROVEN over and over again the corruption and fraud fo all the experts in almost every field of science that has any even tangential relationship to ACC.
        WHY are you so scared to bet your beliefs? I have repeatedly said I am willing to even go BEYOND my publicly stated prediction of 4.9 million ice extent, and HERE in this post you say the melt season is almost over. Clearly at 7.8 million it couldn’t POSSIBLY go much lower if your post is being honest.
        Andy, I am happy with either JAXA or NSIDC (though I don’t know how to get the actual numbers from NSIDC) whichever is higher.
        I will reiterate my most generous offer. I will pay you $10 if there is no new record for ice extent. And you will pay me $500 if there is. Since the arctic is recovering, and there is no death spiral you might as well take the free $10 I am offering you. This bet means i am contradicting my own prediction just to suit Steve’s rabid desire to make SOMEBODY give him money for something he knows cannot possibly happen. I certainly never believed summer ice would be effectively gone by 2013, 2015 or even 2020. My guess has always been between 2020 and 2030. therefore i have never considered that 2012 would set a new record minimum. As I stated before, the next time we are in a full on el niño year, I will be happy to bet an even bet on a minimum below 2007 regardless of the arctic weather.

      • My guess has always been between 2020 and 2030.

        Bullshit. Just last year you were claiming 2016. You can’t even lie well, you dipshit.

      • Tony Duncan says:

        is there something that is causing you not to be able to read my comments? Try safari, they show up clearly in my browser. I just offered you the same generous bet I offered you before. I have offered you numerous bets almost all of which are on terms that are much more favorable to you as a number of people have pointed out. UNLESS you do not believe what you write. You have certainly convinced Kirk Myer who, co-incidentally, reaffirmed my understanding of the great role you play if exposing the lies and corruption of those foisting this whole “arctic is losing ice” fraud.
        I repeat AGAIN that I am willing to bet you that the arctic minimum will be broken, even though I have PUBLICLY stated that I do not believe it is going to happen this year. You say it is nearly impossible so 50:1 odds is MORE than fair. After all I am making a bet for a figure that is nearly 600,000 KM lower than what I predicted. Where are you going to find someone more idiotic than that to make a bet with?
        Tell you what. Just to make it so that I am giving you free money for TWO near impossibilities, I will bet you $10 if the Houston Astros DON’T win the world Series and you pay me $500 if they do. There, you have $20 I am basically just giving you.
        I am still willing to make any of the other bets I made you that are related to what YOUR stated beliefs indicate.

      • Tony Duncan says:

        Stark., Please link to that comment. I may have said it was POSSIBLE , but I am quite ready to apologize if I ever predicted effectively ice free arctic in summer by 2016. I have a strong memory of arguing that anyone making predictions of ice free in the next few years were using extrapolation which has nothing to do with actual science.

      • Tony Duncan says:

        and I must say it is really nice being back in the ad hominem free zone of Steve Goddards so civil hangers on.

      • Tony Duncan says:

        maybe you need someone to read my comments for you. if you are unable to respond to what I actualIy write we cannot have any sort of discussion. I have very clearly offered you various bets, all favoring your stated position and EXPLICITLY going against my stated positions. You wanted someone to bet that there would be a record minimum which you say is nearly impossible. I have taken you at your word and offered you free money based on that stated position. I have even just offered you ANOTHER impossible bet, which any rational person would take as well. If you can find me any expert (who isn’t from texas) who thinks Houston, at 500 to one odds, is really going to win, i will adjust my offer. So my baseball bet is 10X better than the actual odds.
        So Steve what DOES your wallet tell you the odds are for minimum extent this year? We can go from there. But maybe you should have someone else read what i write and then explain it to you so we don’t waste more of each others time

      • Tony Duncan says:

        absolutely. Just give me a yes or no. No obviously means you don’t believe what you write. Yes means you accept my more than reasonable bet.
        I will tell you what. Since it is a done deal I will send you the $20 right away, Since there is no way I can win either bet, and you just send me the $500 or $1000 if either impossible long shot occurs. You can keep the $20 in either case.
        To sweeten the deal even further, since you will be out much more money if the unthinkable occurs, I will give you until the end of July for BOTH bets. You can renege on either or both AND you can keep the $20. You can renege for any reason, no questions asked. And as I said above. I am willing to go by either JAXA or NSIDC, whichever supports your position better.
        There you go. FREE money AND you get to keep it no matter what WITH a 2 week grace period.
        This is going to be exciting. I am a SF Giants fan and have never rooted for the Astros in my life! OK the giants got lucky last night, But I am hoping they beat my favorite team tomorrow and then win 8 in a row in their historic turnaround.
        I know. I know. I would never make it as a used car salesman.

  8. Andy DC says:

    Whose set of data will determine the low?

  9. Tony Duncan says:


    I guess you are a masochist. You just can’t keep from chewing at the raw festering sore.
    I am happy to explain any of your newer followers about your fascinating theory of time traveling conspiracy regarding the “Manhattan underwater misattributed Hansen quote” fiasco.
    as you know that was the most fun I had on your blog ( well and the atomic blasts on Bikini killing every single coral polyp in the vicinity of the atoll. Those are really kind of a tossup).
    why don’t you make a new blog post so we can try to enlighten your free thinking lurkers about this vital issue that the rest of the right wing blogosphere has acknowledged was a mistake and moved on from.

  10. Peter Ellis says:

    Steve, that shows an area below zero degrees C. Please confirm for me that you know the freezing point of salt water.

  11. tckev says:

    Don’t know about the Arctic warming up but there’s a good head of steam generated here. I’m nearly out of popcorn, so could we have a break while I get some more.

  12. David says:

    Tony Duncan says….”I repeat AGAIN that I am willing to bet you that the arctic minimum will be broken, even though I have PUBLICLY stated that I do not believe it is going to happen this year. You say it is nearly impossible so 50:1 odds is MORE than fair.”
    50 to 1! Brave man Tony…Not!

    • Tony Duncan says:

      I am betting with someone who repeatedly insists that breaking the record minimum is nearly impossible. I have also made clear what my actual prediction was a month ago, so I am making a “bet” that I myself have made clear I do not believe in.
      As I have repeatedly explained here and in a previous post I am offering free money according to Steve’s numerous posts of the subject, including this one. I am offering to give it to him right now without question before the bet’s results have been determined. AND I am offering to give him 2 more weeks to cancel the bet AND KEEP the money for any reason whatsoever.
      The only reason I can see for him NOT to take such a bet is because he does NOT believe it is nearly impossible for a new record minimum ice extent to be set this year.
      I am also willing to make the same bet on another issue where I am giving him 10x better odds than the odds makers with the exact same conditions.
      It is not a question of bravery. I am clearly making a foolish bet if one believes Steve’s stated views.

  13. Don Gaddes says:

    Take the 20 bucks Steve, he wont pay you after he loses the bet!

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