Only A Completely Daft Person Would Forecast An Ice Free Arctic

The Arctic Basin never starts melting until day 150, and it stops melting by day 260.  That is a maximum of 110 days of melt, and then the sun sets and the ocean  starts freezing again. The only way you could get to an ice free Arctic would be to keep the sun up high in the sky until Christmas.

Alarmists need to step up their game and quit acting like complete morons.

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21 Responses to Only A Completely Daft Person Would Forecast An Ice Free Arctic

  1. Billy Liar says:

    From WUWT:

    Steven Mosher says:
    July 15, 2012 at 12:45 pm
    ice doesnt look too well

    I wonder if we will get significant ( visible by sensor from space ) open water inside the
    85n line. extent is dropping by big rates…2007 record could get crushed.
    the right weather… and we could hit ‘ice free’ ( 1 million sqkm in area) this year.
    or not.

  2. scizzorbill says:

    They are being paid to act like complete morons. My, or your perception is irrelevant. Many will believe the non sense they spew. It is strictly a cost/benefit ratio.

  3. jak says:

    Hi Steven,

    Have you deliberately created your own graph of sea ice area/extent and deliberately obscured the values so that nobody can read it? That’s too funny!

    Here is a nice clear graph, showing that 2012 Arctic sea ice area is way lower than any previous year:

    Now everybody can see. Isn’t that better?

    • Well that proves it! Record minimum this year and ice free by 2015. Let’s up the bet to $5,000. I’ll give you even odds.

    • suyts says:

      Lmao! So, you’re believing the volume graph? Why? The scientists have been shown wrong every time they looked into volume estimates all over the world. From the Himalayas to the Antarctic. What makes you think they know anything about the arctic volume?

  4. Brian says:

    What is the point of this argument? The shit is going to melt sooner or later and there is nothing we can do about it. It seems like a worthless argument.

  5. gofer says:

    This would have been great news in the 70’s. They wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of sprinkling soot all over the Arctic to try and melt the sucker. My, how things have changed. Too little melting…..scary. Too much melting……really scary.

  6. Well we’ve reached summer peak more or less. We have another 50 days then temps are going to drop rapidly again.

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