USHCN2 – Worse Than It Seems

The thermometer data shows no trend in US temperatures since 1900, with the three hottest years being 1921, 1934 and 1931.

That information won’t raise a lot of funding, so USHCN alters the data to make it look like the US is warming.

This is done in several steps. The conversion from raw daily to “raw” monthly mysteriously lowers most pre-1980 temperatures by about 0.2 degrees. Then they knock another 0.6 degrees off of the older raw temperatures for the TOBS adjustment, and then another huge chunk gets knocked off older records for things like anti-UHI effects. (Cities were of course much hotter 100 years ago, due to all the farting horses and lack of air conditioning.)

By the time these buffoons are done, they have created a man-made warming trend (red line) of about 1.5 degrees – which accounts for all of the claimed warming in the published USHCN data.

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3 Responses to USHCN2 – Worse Than It Seems

  1. Eric Webb says:

    Wow, they get more and more desperate to keep the AGW lie alive, and they continue to diverge from actual observations, these organizations need to be exposed, and put on trial for this fraud, this is absolutely unacceptable. Along with the mainstream liberal media, they are helping to drive this country into the ground with their green policies which only destroy jobs, and require billions in government grants only to see those same green companies go bankrupt within 2 years. These are very interesting times we live in, that’s for sure

  2. chris y says:

    It now is apparent from the USHCN adjustments that tree rings are more accurate thermometers than modern thermometers. Do I have that right?

    Using Mike’s Nature Trick(TM), perhaps we should ignore the thermometer records after about 1940, and substitute the tree ring proxies up to the present.

    Better yet, throw away all of the thermometer records and simply use climate model output for the temperature over the past century.

  3. tckev says:

    No names, no pack-drill, just anonymously adjust the raw data.
    Scientific it’s not.

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