Obama Outsourcing Fundraising To China

Barack Obama | Please Join Obama at a Reception in Shanghai

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5 Responses to Obama Outsourcing Fundraising To China

  1. squid2112 says:

    But it isn’t outsourcing… Remember, “you didn’t create your business, somebody else did”, therefore, he isn’t outsourcing, somebody else is.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Does that verify colonial status for the US under Chinese rule?

  3. Brian G Valentine says:

    They would be crazy not to support him, they know that he sends all jobs to China so as not to offend Lisa Jackson with industrial “dirt.”

    He’s the greatest thing they ever had for an economic boom, I can’t wait till they buy failed US industry on a dime on dollar and reopen US industry on their terms –

    I hope US citizens have a real taste for loosely fitting gray cotton uniforms with Mandarin collars.

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