Proof That We Need To Accept A Primitive Lifestyle And A Totalitarian World Government

Lots of comments coming from people pointing out the obvious to me.

This summer has seen some hot weather in places, as well as thunderstorms, a tree blowing over in front of the Capitol Building,  and a 30 degree drop in Maryland temperatures in a few hours.

How much more evidence could I possibly require to voluntarily go back to the dark ages?

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16 Responses to Proof That We Need To Accept A Primitive Lifestyle And A Totalitarian World Government

  1. gofer says:

    Did it ever occur to them that a child sitting in a classroom full of children, all exhaling CO2, that the classroom CO2ppm is most likely triple the atmosphere, under normal conditions? If CO2 is bad for them, then they need to get outside, quick.

    Twitter / EnvDefenseFund: Nearly 1 in 10 school-age

    Nearly 1 in 10 school-age kids in VA has asthma. Tell @HouseCommerce that new carbon [dioxide] pollution limits will help. ‪#CleanAir4VA

  2. omanuel says:

    We started that journey back to the dark ages in 1945, Steve.

    Today almost everyone that I meet has a sense of impending doom: Something is seriously wrong worldwide. My conclusion – from almost 76 years of life is just this:

    Climategate emails and documents in 2009 exposed a basic flaw in policies secretly adopted in 1945 to “save the world” from destruction by “nuclear fire”:

    However, Reality (“Truth”, “God”, “what is”, etc.) cannot be altered by:

    a.) Deceitfully controlling public research funds, through
    b.) Anonymous reviews of proposals and manuscripts to
    c.) Coerce consensus science on Reality (“Truth”, “God”, “what is”, etc.)

    In 1945, world leaders overlooked the central message from the inquisition trail of Galileo in 1633: Nature follows a Divine order, as the Bible* represents the dictated word of God, so the persistent observer can decipher its hidden patterns, on Earth and in the heavens.

    *The Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, etc. each represent wisdom distilled in various cultures from centuries of observation, experimentation, contemplation and meditation.

    Here’s an outline of my analysis:

    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  3. Marian says:

    Yes the Dark ages were a wonderful time in history.

    Famine, pestilence and Death around 30-35yrs of Age.

    No wonder those who call Humans a parasite on the planet must lust for those wonderful times during the Dark ages. They appear to miss them so dearly!

    • It wasn’t all bad, there was King Author…

      • Brian G Valentine says:

        Yeah, but they still smelted metal in the middle ages. Life was too soft.

        We need to get back to Nature – and live like Pithecanthropus erectus lived.

        Did you ever read some of the sympathy for what Ted Kaczynski was doing? That’s what we’re dealin’ with here, people …

        I don’t see any solution except two countries. Greenie parasites can have all California and Al Gore as their president.

      • Brian G Valentine says:

        I think California already gave you up, Mr Goddard.

        Many towns in Central California look like dumps and run down trailer parks. They made it impossible to conduct business or industry there. Crack dealing is the only industry some of them have.

        The result? For “environmental protection,” they made a worse mess than if they had left business alone.

      • Remember that China was subjugated with opium.

        What goes around comes around !

  4. John B., M.D. says:

    LOST treaty ratification dead in the Senate.

  5. leftinbrooklyn says:

    If the alarmists would put their money where their mouth is and be the first go back to those primitive ways, both sides should be happy. They could live guilt-free in their tiny carbon footprints, as they would have given up their cars, computers, models, cellphones, websites, blogs, tweets & TV interviews.
    And with the alarmists having given up all those things, us skeptics would be freed from their silly, maniacal ravings. Except for the occasional ‘End is Near!” sign on a street corner. Overall though, a win-win.

  6. tckev says:

    At least in the dark ages we could torture and kill the witches and wizards when their projects(?) are proved wrong.
    Such enlightened times!

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