Top Twenty USHCN2 12 Month periods

The USHCN2 “raw” monthly temperature data shows that the period ending June, 2012 is the hottest twelve month period on record in the US, beating 1934 by a little over 0.1 degrees.

This may be bogus, because the 1930s USHCN2 monthly “raw” data is about 0.2 degrees lower than the daily raw data.” For example, the monthly data shows 11/1934 as 55.281, but the daily data shows it as 55.4316  – which would make the period ending 11/1934 the hottest 12 month period on record.

Most of the hottest 12 month periods in the USHCN2 database occured during the 1930s. USHCN2 only goes back to 1895, and does not include the 1884/1885 warm period which the daily temperature records show was the hottest.

With cooler temperatures prevailing now, it is unlikely that the raw full year 2012 will beat 1934.

Month	 Year	 Temperature 
6	2012	55.4049
5	2012	55.3776
11	1934	55.281
8	1934	55.1797
3	1935	55.1331
12	1921	55.1261
7	1934	55.0692
11	1921	55.0463
4	2012	55.0413
12	1998	55.0358
10	1934	54.9995
1	1932	54.999
12	1934	54.9941
12	1931	54.988
5	1934	54.9688
10	2000	54.9686
2	1932	54.939
2	1935	54.9334
4	1999	54.9253
6	1934	54.9238

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5 Responses to Top Twenty USHCN2 12 Month periods

  1. David says:

    This may be bogus, because the 1930s USHCN2 monthly ”raw” data is about 0.2 degrees lower than the daily raw data”
    How is that possible?

  2. gofer says:

    Ralph Cicerone:” Well, of course. Every time we have a cold winter – which has not been that frequently, recently – people raise the same questions. However, in the United States this summer, we’ve just had the 6th hottest months on record, the 6th consecutive months are the hottest 6th consecutive months on all records, in the United States. ”

    BBC Interview 7/13/12

  3. gofer says:

    “John Humphrys: You don’t sound – if I can use this word – apocalyptic. I mean, you’re not saying “If we don’t do these things, we’re going to go to hell in a handbasket, we’re going to fry, in a few years”.

    Ralph Cicerone: Well, there are people who are saying those things –

    John Humphrys: But not you.

    Ralph Cicerone: No. I don’t think it’s useful, I don’t think it gets us anywhere, and we don’t have that kind of evidence………………”

    BBC interview 7/13/12

    Ralph Cicerone: President of National Academy of Science and Member of the Royal Society

  4. Climate Change Scientists agree climate change is “real and happening” and “COULD” lead to unstoppable warming (death for all). Why can’t they say for sure or for certain or imminent? Only a comet hit could be worse. And how are thousands of different studies from thousands of different scientists supposed to be consensus of anything, let alone death by CO2 via unstoppable warming. Go count them yourself if you like because you will find that 99% of climate change research is on effects, not causes.
    Would you deny what you are being paid to study the effects of?

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