One More Important Ice-Free Arctic Forecast

July 15, 2012 at 12:45 pm

h/t to Billy Liar

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4 Responses to One More Important Ice-Free Arctic Forecast

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    Do people realize that “all” Arctic ice couldn’t melt even if the Gulf Stream and North Atlantic circulation suddenly stopped (like that’s going to happen) leaving Arctic ice to bake in the Arctic “summer” sun

  2. kirkmyers says:

    “The ice is melting!” Therefore, according to the simplistic theories of the Warmist cult, it must be the result of CO2-induced man-made global warming (no need to factor in the effect of changing ocean currents or high pressure systems in the Arctic). Meanwhile, back on planet earth we’ve seen record low temperatures in parts of Australia, record snows in South Africa, record rains and low temperatures in Britain, record lows in Alaska and, three weeks ago, record lows in many sections of the U.S.

    • mbowens says:

      First, let me say I truly wish the best for everyone, Kirkmyers included. However:

      ‘Kirkmyers’ opinion is based on nothing better than a second grade understanding of science and math. And that would seem to erring on the side of generosity. Somehow, peanut gallery commentators like him all across the U.S. have spontaneously-combusted into brilliant climate scientists!

      He thinks that because he’s learned two concepts: “ocean currents” and “high pressure” systems,” that he is now capable of intelligently reviewing the validity of climate science!!!???!!! Oh, and I see he has also made some important scientific observations: “there are record lows in Alaska” he says! WOW, do you think the scientists at NOAA knows about this yet???!!! But no wait, he’s made some broad conclusions about the planetary climate from this new set of extensive data he’s collected. Perhaps NOAA should fire a few of their senior scientists and bring this man onboard in their stead?

      For those who are reading this, and find themselves sceptical about the validity of climate change, you are experiencing perfectly natural emotions and thoughts. But unless you are a practicing CLIMATE scientist (which you’re not), consider the following saying. Better to remain silent and be thought a FOOL, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

      Climate science is extremely difficult. For anyone to pressume they can gain a solid understanding of it without spending tens of thousands of hours of study and research…well that would be just preposterous to the Nth degree!!

      • Good point. The Arctic will no doubt be ice free in seven weeks, just as NASA’s top Arctic scientist predicted. Because he spent 20,000 hours learning how to make such a nonsensical forecast.

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