Shock News : “FIRE and drought is threatening to create a new dust bowl in the US”

10 Nov 1952 – Dust Bowl Danger

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2 Responses to Shock News : “FIRE and drought is threatening to create a new dust bowl in the US”

  1. ozspeaksup says:

    🙂 who says history does’nt repeat?

  2. Sundance says:

    There was no Dust Bowl according to the UCS. According to them drought, precipitation and floods have never been worse and that it’s a sure sign that man has caused extreme weather. This is what they claim in their latest graphic on extreme weather. Hidden in the “how we arrived at our graphic” that most people would never bother to read is a caveat that their analysis is based only on weather after 1950. The use of a limited amount of data, and the elimination of data that indicates past weather events that are more extreme than today, seems to be good enough science for the UCS who claims that this limited evidence is enough to tie extreme weather to man. Isn’t post-modern science wonderful? Remember when science was troublesome in that you were expected consider all data? Now with post-modern science wecan just pretend that past data doesn’t exist and voila we get the results we need to fit our agenda. 🙂

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