Crack Scientist Trenberth On ENSO

In 1997, Trenberth wrote a landmark paper – which placed 97% blame for El Nino on your SUV.

The recent evolution of ENSO, with a major new El Niño event underway in 1997, reinforces the evidence that the tendency for more El Niño and fewer La Niña events since the late 1970s is highly unusual and very unlikely to be accounted for solely by natural variability.

El Niño and climate change

Since he wrote that paper in 1997, ENSO has plummeted.

MEI timeseries from Dec/Jan 1940/50 up to the present

(Dr. Trenberth traveled to Antarctica with Hansen and Gore earlier this year to watch it melt, and  instead experienced several weeks of near record cold weather.)

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  1. Dave G says:

    Bernie M is in jail for what again??

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