Obama Extends His Lifelong Philosophy To His Campign

Obama has brought his strategy of hope and change lie about everything to the White House





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4 Responses to Obama Extends His Lifelong Philosophy To His Campign

  1. Lou says:

    Top 20% tax payers pay around 80% of total tax income… Is obama trying to say that top 10% should pay for the whole thing or what?

  2. tomwys says:

    The hype is that the “Top 2%” need to pay “more” (whatever that means).

    But the reality is that 100% of the people pay for electricity, and the “skyrocket” rate rise will be paid by EVERYONE.

    How about California? They will get Obama’s “skyrocket” rate boosted to the next highest power, a most fitting reward for having put Governor Brown in office. And when the dim bulbs who voted him in see their household lights dim as a consequence, the circle will be complete!!!

  3. Lou says:


    This paints a clearer picture of how much we actually pay on federal level. They often leave out payroll tax and others. Then there’s always state/local income in some places plus sales tax and never tending taxes/fees of everything else.

    Does anyone know of a good website that will show the whole thing of how much we pay for taxes/fees in everything? It feels like we pay half for taxes alone.

  4. John B., M.D. says:

    “Hope & Change”
    “Yes, We Can”

    “Fear & Division, Envy & Despair”
    “Why We Couldn’t”
    “fair share, fair shot, same set of rules” (hypocrisy: all the Obamacare waivers for people/groups who supported the law, loopholes and subsidies for corporate cronies, auto bailout payoff to UAW, NLRB attacking Boeing, green energy subsidies to donors/bundlers, killing coal, stimulus dollars to “bankrupt” irresponsible states…)

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