Romney’s Tax Return – The Big News Story Of The Day

The POTUS is a complete fraud, so the press ignores this minor story and obsesses over Romney’s tax returns – because there is no reason to be suspicious of Romney’s tax returns.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA— In a highly anticipated press conference, embattled Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio offered what he claims is undeniable proof that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud.

Flanked by experts in the field of law enforcement and document analysis, Arapio stated his committee’s findings that the long-form birth certificate released by the White House in an attempt to quiet allegations that Obama was not a natural born U.S. citizen was not only fake, but “an imminent threat to national security and U.S. immigration laws”.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio offers ‘indisputable proof’ Obama’s birth certificate a fake – National Crime & Justice |

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Why would anyone think Obama is from Kenya? – don’t be ridiculous.


Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’


“Kenyan-Born Obama All Set for US Senate



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7 Responses to Romney’s Tax Return – The Big News Story Of The Day

  1. johnmcguire says:

    They , that is the mainstream media and the big internet engines have been running a front for the scumbag obama for a long time now. I’ve finally got to the point I do not believe a word they say and in fact if they try to lay a case for something I will look to see if the opposite is the truth. The liberals are all liars , they just can’t help themselves. Hahahahahahaha they are so stupid as to be rediculess and I will never , ever believe any of them again. Whew , this blueberry melomel is some good stuff . Over four pounds of home grown honey to one gallon of blueberry juice and a little time and you have a nectar that tastes delicious and knocks your socks off. You people living in the city haven’t learned how to live. That’s another pet peave, the powers that be like to see the populous living in wall to wall squaller instead of spreading out and utiliizing the nations resources so that everyone could have a big garden and a few hives of bees and a better life style. Bigs cities are destructive of the human nature in my opinion as pretty soon people become homogenized and steriotyped. Not a good way to live or grow up children.

  2. gofer says:

    What are the odds someone could go from a nobody to state senate to President in little over 4 years? Considering, he spent most of his Senate time campaigning for President, you can’t even count that. No outstanding legislation in the entire 4 years…..NOTHING that would even put him into consideration for President. This would seem to be an impossibility under normal circumstances.

    JFK was elected to the House in ’46 after serving in WW11 and served 3 terms in House before being elected to Senate in ’52 and again in ’58. Finally elected President in 1960. 14 years after entering politics in the House, he is elected President. Kennedy was a well-know with a solid background in the military. Obama basically walked off the street as a total unknown and 4 years later becomes President. It’s way stranger than fiction. Obama is a PR creation, an actor portraying a part under the direction of others. Why would anyone believe that a person could possibly be capable of handling such a job with 4 years experience. In most companies, it takes that long just to enter or jump one management level.

    Just where did the Sunday Standard get the information he was Kenyan born? Somebody, official , had to tell them and where did they get it? It had, at some point, to come from Obama.

  3. philjourdan says:

    It is nice to rewrite your life to suit the moment.

  4. gator69 says:

    Wait til they trot out the “Mormon Underwear’ again.

    Fast and Furious?


    Never mind…

  5. scizzorbill says:

    Obama is from Barsoom, the red planet, where everyone is a commie, or else.

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