Washington State Was Much Hotter During The 1950s And 1960s

USHCN daily data shows that the five months from May-Sep 1958 was almost three degrees hotter than any recent five month period.

Washington State's Hottest 5 month periods 			
Rank	Month	Year	Temperature 
1	9	1958	79.0078
2	9	1967	78.2125
3	10	1967	77.1109
4	9	1940	77.0078
5	10	1958	76.8234
6	9	1938	76.8
7	9	1961	76.7922
8	9	1922	76.5453
9	9	2003	76.4594
10	9	1890	76.4422

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1 Response to Washington State Was Much Hotter During The 1950s And 1960s

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