The US Has No Weather Data Prior To 1950

“The summer of 2012 is on pace to finish third hottest on the list of 62 summers since 1950,” said Steven Root, a meteorologist with WeatherBank Inc. “But it is still in the running for number two or one.”

U.S. Drought Means Wilting Crops, Higher Food Prices; Officials Pray For Rain

The 1930s never existed.


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10 Responses to The US Has No Weather Data Prior To 1950

  1. Kaboom says:

    It is the hottest year ever since records started in April 2012.

  2. alf says:

    “This year the largest corn crop since 1937 was planted. So despite the losses to drought. This years harvest is still predicted to be larger than last years by just over 1/2 billion bushels. Which leads one to believe that we are going to see higher food prices due to the speculation that the harvest would be a record 14 billion bushels. And not because there is a actual shortage of corn” If this is the case how severe is the drought? What does the drought index mean in practical terms.?Back in the nineties I remember flying over Saskatchewan at 30 thousand feet and seeing parched land as far as the eye could see, yet that drought did not affect grain prices a lot.

    • Andy DC says:

      The reduction of the corn crop this year is going to be substantial, will be nowhere near 14 billion bushels. The Indiana, Illinois and Ohio crop is basically poor to very poor and the Iowa, Nebraska crop, which has been just hanging on is now getting the worst of it.

      The crop summary you have cited is as of early July and there has been a great amount of deterioration since then.

      What does this mean for “climate change”? Absolutely nothing. This has happened before. Multiple times.

  3. Marian says:

    Remember Guys.

    in the World of AGW/CC Alarmism. If you question or bring up the Pre 1950s US weather or climate data and hold a professional position at a State or Federal level.You have a good chance of being made into a naughty boy by the authorities and the MSM. They could start a witch hunt against you and try turning you into a pariah..It has happened before.

  4. Mi Cro says:

    There is data, but there’s a lot less than 1973. But if there’s enough to make a hockey stick, there’s enough to show that it was hot in the 30’s and 40’s.

  5. Very typical of this nonsense. Records have been set since date X while neglecting to mention the higher numbers before date X. Classic stuff.

  6. Don Gaddes says:

    Sounds like a ‘dud Root’.

  7. cb says:

    Wow. Just like the moon-landing, dude! 1930 like never happened, man!

    …and:”Officials Pray For Rain” – Satan can send rain? Really?!

  8. Beale says:

    Didn’t the warmists ridicule the governor of Texas for praying for rain?

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