US Drought Monitor : US Worse Than The Dust Bowl!

The US Drought Monitor now shows that almost the entire country is moderate drought or worse, which would make it the worst drought in the history of the US.

Millions of Okies are no doubt on their way to California and massive dust storms are enveloping the land!

US Drought Monitor

Pay no attention to the fact that most of the drought area has received one to twelve inches of rain over the last two weeks.


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9 Responses to US Drought Monitor : US Worse Than The Dust Bowl!

  1. Eric Webb says:

    I used to trust the drought monitor from NOAA, but after this, I don’t. I have lost just about all faith in the government, and agencies like this that work in close association with it, they may give good information, but in the end they will twist it into such a way that best benefits them.

  2. johnmcguire says:

    Well the answer is easy . You cannot trust the people in charge of these graphs and charts . All of the government agencies are in my opinion controled by liars , corrupt individuals . We have indeed been taken over from within. I don’t know if we will get an accurate honest vote this election as the crooks are in charge . Did you know that in Washington state you can now register to vote on facebook ? The democrats are doing everything in their corrupt power to steal this election . I fear revolution will be the outcome as all resembalance to honesty is gone and anything is fair as long as the crooks win . There is now an all out push on by the crooks and liars running government to get their agenda accomplished this year as the people , at least some of the people , are waking up in a hurry.

    • Eric Webb says:

      I totally agree with you, and since republicans won’t agree to commit to the highest tax raises in U.S. history, we may face a job crisis in this country by January, thanks to proposed cuts to military spending which will have a rippling effect and could kill an estimated 2 million jobs, and if taxes were raised on top of that, and with 15 TRILLION in debt hanging over our heads wow, it would be the Great Depression on steroids, but only time will tell, and I hope america makes the right decision in November.

      • Eric Webb says:

        This whole GW scam is just a puppet show to cover these people’s real agenda to shut down the U.S. economy, by reducing energy consumption and usage, you essentially wreck the economy. It is also the same way they helped to bring the EURO and many other countries to it’s knees with radical green energy policies, all of which have failed, and helped bring Europe to the edge of economic collapse. Then we hear our president in charge say, “We should be more like them.” Wow, we live interesting times.

    • Andy DC says:

      Don’t get me wrong, the Democrats are basically a bunch of crud. But the Republicans controlled the Presidency for 20 out of the 28 years between 1981 and 2009 and also controlled Congress from 1995 and 2007. So isn’t like they haven’t had any say in the matter.

  3. John B., M.D. says:

    We got tons of rain last night in the Chicago area – even knocked out the power from 9:30-11:30 p.m.

  4. PaddikJ says:

    Where did you get the first map? The colors don’t look anything like D.M.’s, which shows severe drought in CO & KS, and sort of tapering off in all directions from there. D.M. seems to be trying to synthesize several drought metrics into a non-short term avg. (at least that’s how I interpret “short term, typ. < 6 mos", i.e.: up to 6 mos), so two weeks of heavy rain wouldn't neccessarily spell drought relief.

    BTW, my wife & I were camping last week off Kebler Pass road about 12 miles west of Crested Butte. I talked w/ a NFS ranger a bit about fire conditions, etc. He said they'd been holding their breath during the tourist season & busily putting out small fires here & there. It had been raining the week before and I asked him, given the dry conditions of the previous several months, how much longer it would need to rain before fire danger was back to "normal." He grinned a rueful grin and said "Well, another two weeks of these regular afternoon rains and we could all relax a bit." (and it did rain every afternoon and eveing for our 3 nights there – good thing we brought our easy-up gazebo)

    BTW-2, for Steve & anyone else who lives in or near CO, if you haven't driven Kebler Pass road (esp. during Fall color season), you've been missing the best & most extensive Aspen area in CO., which BTW-3, owes its existence to human destructiveness – the mining companies in the late 19th century laid waste to the conifer forests of the area for fuel for their railroads, and the Aspen – opportunistic sucker-propagating weeds that they are (I cut down 50 or 60 every time I mow the lawn) – moved in and stayed.

  5. Pathway says:

    Forest Service has remove fire restrictions in some forests in Colorado. On the Grand Mesa you would have to use gasoline to get a fire started.

  6. dmmcmah says:

    Submit your drought pics to the NY Times!!

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