What Do They Think Is Supposed To Happen?

Our friends get hysterical when they see runoff or icebergs calving from Greenland.

I’m curious what they think is supposed to happen? More than 400 billion cubic meters of snow falls on the Greenland Ice Sheet every year. That snow has to go somewhere, or it would eventually pile up to the top of the troposphere.

Obviously that isn’t what happens. The snow turns to ice and finds its way to the sea, where it melts. More than 400 billion cubic meters of snow returns to the sea every year in Greenland.

For our scientifically and mathematically challenged friends on the left, this is called the law of Conservation Of Mass. So I respectfully ask them to stop peeing in their pants every time they see physical law behaving normally.

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25 Responses to What Do They Think Is Supposed To Happen?

  1. Yup- review article in Geoscientist explains the science and nonsense about glaciers:


  2. gofer says:

    That was one of the things that tipped me off, years ago, that it was a scam. When supposedly credible people, all of a sudden, start blaming “calving” on global warming, it sounded ridiculous. Calving was a very well understood natural process that has been happening for ages before there were cars or power plants.

  3. Rogert says:

    I,m a western Australian farmer and we are getting big news out of the US about the drought, is it as bad as what is being aired? Wheat prices have gone crazy and wondering what to make of it ,there is also talk that Russia is having production problems as well , Australia is having ok season and WA the biggest producer will need a wetter next couple of months than the last 4 weeks other wise we will be down 25-30% , Does anybody out there in the US have an accurate summary of the drought maybe some farmers knowalso how how extensive is it .
    In 2006 we averaged 0.4 tons to the hectare one hectare is 2.47 acres ,and 2007 was almost the same . 2013 will come around sooner than you think

    • I have no idea ….

    • Sundance says:

      Rogert I’ll let you judge for yourself. ahve to put thi in 2 posts so it gets through the spam filter. Here is the bushell per acre historic yields for corn in the USA.

    • Sundance says:

      Here is the map of current USA corn yields.


    • Don Gaddes says:

      Western Australia will be under the Influence of the current One Solar/Earth Year ‘Dry’ Cycle until early January 2013. As this Cycle will end in the longitudes due West of Australia (circa 110 degrees East,) there may be some ‘bleeding’ into Western Australia of the prevailing weather patterns from the subsequent Two Solar/Earth Year ‘Wet’/Normal Period currently affecting most of the Planet (since last March) which has just passed the West coast of America into the Pacific.(thus, alleviating the Colorado fires.) These ‘Dry’ Cycles travel from East to West,(thirty degrees longitude/month with the Solar orbit of the Earth’s Magnetic Field.) The prevailing weather patterns travel West to East, with the Earth’s Axial Spin. The other factor that may alleviate the current ‘Dry’ Cycle is explosive volcanic activity (albedo effect,) from Indonesia or elsewhere.
      Australia can expect a Two Solar/Earth Year ‘Wet’/Normal Period from early January 2013, but subsequently a severe Five Year ‘Dry’ Cycle (drought) from 2015 -19.)
      An updated version of ‘Tomorrow’s Weather’ Alex S. Gaddes, 1990. (including ‘Dry’ Cycle forecasts to 2055) is available as a free pdf from dongaddes93@gmail.com

    • Andy DC says:

      I believe this crop will be roughly comparable to 1983 and 1988 where there was an approximate 20-30 percent loss of the US crop. There has been recent good rain in northern IL and IN, but may be too late to do much good for corn. Extreme heat forecast this week for IA could reduce yields further.

  4. Don Gaddes says:

    WOW, I can see OUR igloo from here!!!

  5. Don Gaddes says:

    Did you know, ‘Me’, that ice sheets grow from the bottom up? If so, you can have your cookie back.

  6. Edward. says:

    It’s just the natural way of things – gravity, what goes up on top – must eventually come sliding down.

  7. hank says:

    Someone mentioned the first law of conservation of matter. There is a finite amount of H20 on the planet. It is a sealed unit, so where is the H20 going to come from for sea-levels to rise? For crissakes! Bearing in mind that the surface area of the oceans is relatively huge……….

    • Ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica

    • Robert Hamnett says:

      Hank: the fear is that huge ice sheets currently above the surface of the ocean, on landmasses, will melt and that water level will rise as a result. I’m not sure what’s hard to understand about that. The water is frozen on land: it will melt and run off to the ocean. It won’t raise more than a few inches or centimeters globally as a result, however there are huge numbers of people living on land only a few inches or centimeters above sea-level. That’s the concern. The truth is that it sea levels are rising, the controversy lies in the understanding that there are natural heating and cooling cycles of the planet and the increase in concentration of CO2 relative to the composition of the atmosphere does not coincide with our current understanding of planetary science.

  8. mikael says:

    I belive the god old fellow Arcimedes would have laghed to he had wetted his pants(tuna).
    Nothing will happen.

    And in Norway the clubb of so caled sientific comunety, is not That glad, when we ask about the sea level “rise”, and the problem is how to explain a dropp, as an increasing.

  9. Don Gaddes says:

    ” I find it noteworthy that for the duration of the present Ice Age (apparently) there has been another zone of high pressure, over North-West Canada. Here again the Glacial Record shows that in the vicinity of the high pressure area, there was a ‘corridor’ which remained free of ice during the last glacial advance…………” (‘Tomorrow’s Weather’ Alex S. Gaddes 1990. pp62.)

  10. Don Gaddes says:

    ” The Icelandic Low no doubt, was responsible for nurturing the ‘Fenno-Scandian’ ice sheet, which devastated Europe and the British Isles – and was, scientists believe, the real banisher of snakes from Ireland.
    Forty thousand years ago, at about the time of the ‘snap-freezing’ of the Great Siberian Mammoths, the eustatic sea level was about 100 metres lower than at present.
    This was a time when the continents and many of our present islands (by virtue of the lowered sea level) were linked by vast land bridges.
    There was no Bass (or Torres) Strait and the Bering Straight was also ‘high and dry’, as were the English and Irish channels – and the fact that tree stumps have been recently dredged up from different areas of what is now the floor of the North Sea, supports claims by scientists,that 40,000 years ago, there was no North Sea.” (Tomorrow’s Weather’ Alex S. Gaddes, 1990. pp 63)

  11. Robert Hamnett says:

    Steven, you cannot possibly hope to reach anyone besides people who already agree with you by writing petty insults at the end of your otherwise sensible blog post. First of all, let me start off by saying that I am NOT a liberal (otherwise I’m 100% positive it would have been your knee-jerk response to this reply to write me off as another crazy “liberal” who couldn’t POSSIBLY be right about ANYTHING). Secondly, there are many liberals who do not identify themselves with the green movement. Your generalization only serves to further divide the rest of the populace meanwhile those standing to gain from it continue to get richer. Yes, Steven. That means bashing on your favorite punching bag for every problem in the world today, the liberals, is helping them by making YOU look bad. I mean, “scientifically and mathematically challenged”? Yeah, that would explain why people all of a sudden want to recycle and drive sensible cars that don’t dump gas down the drain: they’re idiots who can’t do math or understand science. It makes perfect sense. Only SMART red-blooded “conservatives” bury everything in a plastic-lined ditch after using it to sit for generations, and pay $150 to fill their gas tank. My point is: not everything is so black and white, there is no convenient liberal vs conservative answer to every problem, stop trying to draw lines in the sand where there aren’t any. Global warming, like it or not, is unanimously accepted by anyone who stands to gain from it, conservatives included.

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