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Dr. Hansimian Draws Some Important Conclusions About Greenland

Top climate experts tell us that Greenland normally stays frozen all year round, and that the ice there never melts. We also know that Viking farms are being found under the ice. From this information we can infer that Vikings were very … Continue reading

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Polar Bear Drowning Season Delayed

Barrow is still blocked by ice in late July. It is worse than it seems. Alaska is the canary in the coal mine. Think of the Polar Bears and the Walruses which can’t find any water to drown in.   … Continue reading

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McKibben Gets The Full Stupid Award For The Day

http://twitter.com/billmckibben/status/226745773398818816 Let’s have a look at the Greenland Ice Sheet today. Ninety-five percent of the ice sheet is spectacularly white, except for one strip along the southwest coast. I fly over that section of Greenland on a regular basis, and the ice there … Continue reading

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Hayhoe Huffed And Puffed Until She Blew Their House Down

As wildfires were eating away at Colorado and New Mexico last month, Katharine Hayhoe, a Christian geoscience professor at Texas Tech University, said in a column for Sojourners that “the answer is clear: God has given us the freedom and … Continue reading

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Verifying The Climate Clueless

A couple of weeks ago I posted this graph, and word went out over the moron grapevine that I had made a fundamental error. They came to this brilliant conclusion without even asking what the algorithm was that I used. … Continue reading

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A CO2 Role Model

Only one country has truly achieved a proper balance with CO2. We can learn much from North Korea about saving the planet.   The choice is clear. We can either submit to UN dictated dominance of every aspect of our life, or … Continue reading

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Ad Hoc Junk Science

Ad hoc explanations have become the norm in climate science. Cold winter? No problem. Just make up some nonsense with a few technical words thrown in about Rossby waves and missing Arctic ice. Heat gone missing? Just say it sank to the bottom of … Continue reading

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