Ad Hoc Junk Science

Ad hoc explanations have become the norm in climate science.

Cold winter? No problem. Just make up some nonsense with a few technical words thrown in about Rossby waves and missing Arctic ice. Heat gone missing? Just say it sank to the bottom of the ocean undetected. Lack of hurricanes? No problem – just name lots of clouds and call it an extraordinarily active hurricane season. Want a record heatwave? Just ignore temperatures before 1960. Want a record tornado season? Ignore records before 1980.

These experts are completely full of shit and clearly don’t understand very much about how science is done. You know who I am talking about.

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9 Responses to Ad Hoc Junk Science

  1. Andy DC says:

    I went to a weather conference last weekend where a guy from the National Hurricane Center (believe his name was Bevins) was giving a talk about naming storms. He spoke about Jose from last year and said it was named because a ship reported a 30 knot wind and a 1007 mb pressure. So they named it, even with no clouds in the vicinity,

    The guy then went on and on about how they are going to get detection equipment that is twice as sensitive as it is now. I could not resist and said “now you will be able to name twice as many storms”. Some people laughed, others told me to shut up.

  2. Andy DC says:

    I also asked the NHC guy why with Irene, for example, the sustained winds recorded by weather stations were so much lower than what the NHC claimed to be the maximum winds.

    He said the maximum wind figure given by the NHC was for anywhere within the hurricane and that the weather stations represent only a tiny percentage of the entire hurricane. Sounds a little lame to me.

  3. Andy DC says:

    The new equipment is so sensitive that it even gives eyewall speeds for 1851, per the NHC Hurricane Re-Analysis Project that has recently been done and is still ongoing!

  4. Bob Koss says:

    They didn’t even record winds as low as 30 knots until 1871.

  5. Don Gaddes says:

    Give them a Sopwith Camel to fly. They wont even have to stick their heads over the side!

  6. Steve Tabor says:

    Music to my ears. The announcer on the Weather Channel came out with a beautiful statement on the evening July 21 Tropical Update: “Currently there are no tropical storms anywhere on the planet.” The link below is apparently to a later version, but it shows no activity in the Atlantic or Carribbean.

    Earlier they had been trying to hype some weird storms in the Gulf as “hurricanes”, but those have all stopped. Then the Pacific got started, now that has stopped. They have nothing to report! They have a real problem. Shades of 2006.

    The same thing happened earlier with tornadoes, then later with forest fires. Time for some layoffs?

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