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Lisa Jackson : Heatwaves And Droughts Were Much Worse During The 1930s

From the EPA web site. Curious that Lisa is trying to regulate the US economy into oblivion – over a phenomenon which her own agency says isn’t occurring. http://www.epa.gov/climate/climatechange/pdfs/print_heat-waves.pdf h/t to Bob Koss

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New York Times – All The Lies That Are UnFit To Print

Searching for Clues to Calamity By FRED GUTERL Published: July 20, 2012 SO far 2012 is on pace to be the hottest year on record. But does this mean that we’ve reached a threshold — a tipping point that signals … Continue reading

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Tough Week Ahead For Arctic Alarmists


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UHI Reducing Temperature Swings In Arizona

The average gap between daytime and nighttime temperatures in Arizona has declined by about two degrees since 1930. Daytime temperatures have dropped by more than two degrees, but nighttime temperatures have not dropped as much, due to well documented Urban Heat Island … Continue reading

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Extreme Global Weirding In 1936

According to USHCN raw daily data, 1936 had the hottest summer and the second coldest winter in US history. These are exactly the sort of extremes which climate alarmists like to blame on CO2, even though CO2 was only 310 ppm at … Continue reading

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Top Ten Record Breaking Years For Heat All Occurred Before 1955

The graph and table below shows the number of current all-time record daily maximums held or tied, ranked by year. The current year is not included, because the data is not available yet. When the data becomes available, it will … Continue reading

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Winter of 2009-2010 Was The Sixth Coldest In US History

According to USHCN raw monthly data, the winter of 2009-2010 was the sixth coldest in US history, and the winter of 2010-2011 was the 12th coldest. Here are the bottom fifteen. 1969 41.0786 1993 40.9247 2001 40.8844 2011 40.8729 1929 … Continue reading

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July 21, 1934 – The Hottest Day In Ohio’s History

The temperature at Gallipolis, Ohio on July 21, 1934 was 113 degrees. Weather Underground is forecasting that it will be 25 degrees cooler today than it was in 1934. Here are some other USHCN Ohio temperatures for July 21, 1934. … Continue reading

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July 21, 1969

The Palm Beach Post 

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Spreading Hopelessness To Children

Over the last 15 years, suburbs of Denver, Colorado have been the scene of two of America’s worst massacres. Colorado also has the highest rate of drug abuse among teenagers. The only belief that many children have is that life … Continue reading

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