Anchorage Daily News : Polar Bears Doomed In Alaska – Obama For President

 December 19th, 2009

In the case of the polar bear, the federal government’s most comprehensive study on the state of polar bears determined that there will be no polar bears left in Alaska by 2050 — hardly the “distant future.” This prediction is based on climate models that, if anything, underestimate the rate of sea-ice decline.


We can see the shocking sea ice decline in this image, taken at Barrow on July 22, 2012. The climate models predicted that the ice would retreat only 40 yards, when in fact it has retreated 50 yards. Even the strongest bears can’t swim more than 49 yards.

Barrow Webcam Alaska | Webcams

These same geniuses endorsed Obama for President in 2008, because the “nation needs a steady hand” and because he would give us a “budget surplus

Obama for president Palin’s rise captivates us but nation needs a steady hand

Published: November 5th, 2008

It is easy to look at Sen. Obama and see a return to the smart, bipartisan economic policies of the last Democratic administration in Washington, which left the country with the momentum of growth and a budget surplus that President George Bush has squandered.

Obama for president: Campaign Commentary | Alaska news at

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2 Responses to Anchorage Daily News : Polar Bears Doomed In Alaska – Obama For President

  1. John B., M.D. says:

    Still waiting for the Democrats to propose entitlement reform to restore fiscal responsibility.
    Obama’s budget hasn’t gotten any votes since I think 3 years ago (budget for FY 2010).

  2. Mark Grant says:

    49 yards? Is that for real? Polar Bears have been recorded miles out in open sea.

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